Friday, December 15, 2017

There's a New Line of Mega Man Plushies Coming Next Year

In case you were wondering, nothing is going to stop the proverbial Mega Man "merchandise train" – not even Mega Man 11. In addition to a number of commemorative 30th anniversary goods, a new line of licensed Mega Man plushies are headed your way in 2018.

Though I can only show you Mega Man for the time being, manufacturer Pop Buddies say there are three more characters in the works. Mega Man (and our three mystery friends) will stand at 9.5 inches tall (7.5 when sitting). The full line will be revealed at the International Toy Fair on January 31st. They're working on a cute little Reflector, too.

If you're a resident in Europe, you can actually pick up this cuddly guy right now from Omoi.


  1. Fingers crossed for an Iris, Alia or Splash Woman... though I'd settle for a Roll.

  2. hopefully they'll be of characters we don't already have in plush form

  3. my guess is that it will be Rush, Roll and ProtoMan.
    if there's rush and he look nice, i'll buy it.

  4. Aww! I actually do want one of those!
    (Doubly-so, if they make a Roll one!)


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