Saturday, July 1, 2017

Splash Woman & Roll Lead This Month's New Mobile Wallpapers

The Rockman Unity mobile app kicks off the new month with two wallpapers for the price of one!

Splash Woman - "Song of the Sea"

Roll - "Summer Color Roll"

A special thanks once again to Reploid 21XX for the rips!


  1. Uwee! That's such a lovely picture of Roll! I'm really happy.

    (And I'm pretty sure a certain guy whose name starts with "Fu" and ends in "Poo" will be, too~)

  2. Splash is a cool iconic looking design I'll give her that.

  3. Anyone know who illustrated the Splash Woman picture?

  4. And a bonus wallpaper

    And a bonus bonus version for people with an S8

  5. Super cute summer scene! And I like how Splash Woman has robotic fish :)

  6. I only got one wallpaper in the app. Not that I mind as both are here, but I wonder if users randomly get only one of the two? Or the other will be available later?


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