Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Silver 'Bubble Lead' Mega Man Headphones Now Available to Pre-Order

Originally outed by Play-Asia several months ago, Emio's silver "Bubble Lead" Mega Man headphones are officially available to pre-order. They'll run you $99.00.

Aside from a fresh coat paint, these are the exact same headphones that previously launched earlier this year. I wouldn't go in expecting improved audio specs. They're not bad headphones, but there are better sounding products out there for the same price. If you're a die hard collector, though, you might want to slip a pre-order in ASAP - only 500 units will be produced.

Source: Emio


  1. So dumb. Even when it's blue, no one's going to see "Mega Man" when looking at it.

  2. Why Bubble Lead? I mean, silver is my second favorite color, but Bubble Lead? One of the worst weapons in the entire franchise?

    1. There are way worse weapons in the Classic series

  3. I just got the blue ones for $40 from gamestop, and I don't even plan on opening them. $99 for grey ones just seems absurd

  4. I guess you can say Bubble Lead doesn't suck now...sort of. XD

  5. I got the blue ones from gamestop as well. Bubble lead? I'll pass. However have you guys seen the Gold ones on Amazon!>!>!

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