Monday, November 14, 2016

Put a Net Navi in Your Phone with These Rockman.EXE Batteries (Update)

It's not exactly the digital personal assistant envisioned by the Rockman.EXE series, but it's a tiny step forward! This month's e-Capcom exclusive Rockman.EXE 15th anniversary good are mobile phone batteries featuring Rockman.EXE himself (drawn by series artist Ryuji Higurashi). It comes in two flavors: Rockman blue and tottori orange. They run 5,000 yen (about $46 US) a piece.

At present, you can only get these from e-Capcom. For collectors living outside Japan Nin-Nin Game on occasione load up on these sort of e-Capcom goods. If you're lucky, you'll see 'em there!

UPDATE: turns out these are external batteries with a USB cable!

Source: Famitsu


  1. I am legit confused but also intrigued by this. Will try and get one from old roommate in japan

  2. MM.EXE has a great in my opinion coherent design aesthetic. My second favorite Mega Man series.

  3. So wait what is this? The actual phone battery inside the phone? I guess that's cool. Although you couldn't see it right?
    I really want just an animated theme. Like the ones for ps3 that move. Just like Rockman sitting in you phone waving and moving around. Maybe reacting if you click something. That would be awesome! But I guess not happening yet

    1. yeah a phone battery if i am reading this right. Which is legit weird since it won't be seen by most people unless they have a clear battery cover or missing it entirely or if they choose to show people. But then that is weird like bruh you wanna see my battery

      Yeah i agree id be down for that since megaman themse on old psp made the icon into game related stuff like e tanks and such.

      Activae wall paper please with sounds

  4. I would have loved one of these . . .


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