Friday, October 14, 2016

Fun Fact: Maximo Developer Almost Made a 3D Mega Man

David Siller, creator of Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and former head of Capcom Digital Studios, has given Mega Man fans new insight into a lost project: a proposed, but ultimately ill-fated 3D Mega Man hack 'n slash.

Fresh off the success of 2001's Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Capcom Digital Studios were reportedly approached by Yoshiki Okamoto to developer a 3D Mega Man title using Ghosts to Glory technology. Unfortunately for David Siller and his team, the project didn't get too far:

Mr. Siller implied there might be some lingering documents hiding somewhere in his personal archives. We'll have to wait and see what he comes up with, if at all. In the meantime it's fun to imagine what could have been! I know there are many circles in the community that have longed for a Zero-based hack 'n slash!


  1. Now that's interesting. Maximo was actually a pretty solid game. I couldn't beat it because I was too stuck on being a perfectionist and kept replaying levels till I got burned out on it lol

  2. Question: If they had developed a Zero based hacknslash would that even be Mega Many at all at that point?

    (obligatory BN isn't Mega Many even tho that's almost the closet Mega Man could possibly get to making an alternate turn based RPG based game series and still incorporate MM stuff)

    The way I see it you might as well call it Zero the Destroyer or something like that. The only real connection would be if it let players select stages in any order and some hacknslashes already do something similar.

  3. A 3D hack and slash staring Zero would be awesome. Mega Man: Zero's Vengeance, maybe?

  4. I've always felt that Maximo has a very western feel to it, it would have been interesting to see how well that would work with Megaman. Sounds like it would be fun, and certainly less of a clunker than the X7 we got instead :P

  5. Yo David Siller! You can still make it and obtain a license from CAPCOM.

    Why don't you just be our new "Inafune"? So then you'll be our new Mega Man saviour, haaaaaa....

  6. I have my doubts about this.... Specially for the fanbase, for unknown reason people believe that the Zero series was originally planed for the PS2, and because X7 development, the Zero series was doomed in the GBA...... If these people read this, I'm pretty sure that the argument start again.

  7. So i guess Massimo's name was really a reference for a Megaman game that never saw the light of day. Interesting.


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