Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bandai Gauging Interest for Rockman Shodo Figures

Bandai have been pumping out a ton of Rockman figures lately, and it seems that trend may continue. Right now, Bandai are asking fans about which video game, manga or anime series they would like to see a Shodo figure of. The Rockman series is among the twenty available choices.

From what I've been able to gather, access to the poll is currently customers who purchased any of the latest Dragon Ball Z Shodo figures. The figures come with a QR code that, when scanned, take you to the online poll. So unless you own one of these figures, you can't participate (for now). We'll keep you posted if anything changes on that front.

Source: Figsoku (thanks, Valkysas!)


  1. The Figuarts/D-Arts lines were nice, but from what I see of the Shodos is that they're cheaper with more variety. I'll take them so long as we get a decent selection, and Megaman has no shortage of characters available to use.

  2. Expect to see Classic and X figures, then for the line to be killed by Zero again. : /

  3. "Bandai Gauging Interest for Rockman Shodo Figures"

    Hopefully it's not in a manner similar to how Capcom gauges interest in Mega Man games...

  4. Please continue the Figuarts series Bandai... There are lots of opportunities for X and Classic series figures.

  5. So Rockman/Megaman can be a possibility? I doubt it as over all its stupid Capcom that gives the ok or not for any Megaman figure to be made. So voting is basically pointless as despite how many votes a character gets, Capcom can still deny it being made, like how they've done before. Plus also fans vote for the stupidest things/characters too. I don't this working out at all.

  6. probably wont end up happening, but god, i'd pay a lot for an official starforce figurine...

  7. I thought Zero killed Bandai figures.

    1. The joke is he kills the line. The last D-Arts, the last Kotobukiya... and maybe the Gigantic Series. We don't know yet.

  8. While I'm happy to see Megaman among the list, they didn't include Digimon? Aww...

    At least there's Rockman for now. If Rockman is selected, I'm curious who they would pick to be released...

  9. Well next year is Megaman 30t anniversary. Pretty sure Bandai will milk some from this franchise.

    I still hope they will make more X armor variants. Bandai is reviving Pokemon under s.h.figuarts line, I don't see why Megaman cannot.

  10. You have to buy the figures and scan the code in order to vote?
    Well, that's one way to keep the Megaman Zero fanatics from sabotaging the entire line before it's inception.


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