Sunday, April 10, 2016

Richromatic: Rockman EXE Anniversary Fan-Album Samples and Images

Richromatic: Rockman EXE is the title for unofficial 15th anniversary arrange album due April 24th. This one is being put together by fans in Japan under the Colis Labels record. Check out the full track list and samples after the jump!

00:00 - Rockman EXE1 / operation! / Chibi φ
01:05 - Rockman EXE2 / TIME LIMIT / Transient Energy
01:55 - Rockman EXE3 / YOU CAN NOT GO BACK / old cloth
03:20 - Rockman EXE3 / FINAL TRANSMISSION / yucke
04:20 - Rockman EXE3 / SHINE IN THE DARK / Ice
05:10 - Rockman EXE3 / Great Butlers / was Kana
06:20 - Rockman EXE3 / farewell / Liu Noske Kudo
07:35 - Rockman EXE4 / Home Town / negi
09:06 - Rockman EXE4 / determination of the journey / Yutaka
10:02 - Rockman EXE5 / Liberation rate Mission / 19G
11:00 - Rockman EXE5 / Cahin of Wish / naccle
12:03 - Rockman EXE6 / Hero! / Hylen
13:00 - Rockman EXE6 / Two of Braves / yuma

For the curious, the jacket art is by Muscle, arranged by XFade


  1. Okay, I would have said that was official art on the album cover, it's that good.

    1. Dude don't underestimate the talent or Colis artists, as far as I'm concerned they are official artwork.

  2. You can't go back is Battle network 2. Cmon guys get it together here

    1. Yeah BN2 music was sick and catchy. My favorite is the 6 soundtrack but I loved 2.

  3. Since I don't have a twitter, I may as well post here. The setting - you're talking about Dreamwave, right?

  4. As expected of COLIS, this album sounds fantastic.

    For those who never got a chance to hear their previous album, I've got it all uploaded here if you want to have a listen:

  5. I wonder why it called "great butler"? This is not a spell mistake of great battler on n1 GP right?

    1. Because Glide is the greatest n1 GP contestant Navi of all time, I'm guessing.

  6. So where can you find the full album?


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