Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stuck on the Moon for 15 Years - Rockman DASH 2's Anniversary

It's April 20th in Japan and Rockman DASH 2 has officially reached its 15th anniversary. Fifteen years have gone by since Rock Volnutt found himself stuck on the surface of Elysium/Heaven. Fifteen years on, he's still up there.

At the time of its release it was pretty much assumed Volnutt would find a way home. You really can't blame us; with a new Mega Man game coming out practically every year, DASH 3 thought to be a given. But as one year turned to two, then three and four, the the game slipped into mythical status -- a pipe dream that began fifteen years ago.

Waiting and wishful thinking aside, I continue to recognize DASH 2 as a fantastic (yet overlooked) game that improved upon its predecessor in every regard. It's a game I'll be playing today and many days to come. Sequel or no, this one's gonna be with me a while.


  1. "I continue to recognize DASH 2 as a fantastic (yet overlooked) game that improved upon its predecessor in every regard"

    Well we disagree on that.

    Outside of that, was I like the only Mega Man fan alive in the 2000's that frequented game stores, social circles in classrooms/general outdoors, online forums and publications and witnessed absolute contempt for the series or disappointing news of the games' sales figures and general reception, and said to myself hmm... 'I don't think this particular Mega Man series will last, despite the continuation of the general franchise?'

    It was not till like the merger of Atomic Fire with TMMN that I even seen someone utter the prospect of Legends 3, and even then it was some loon dumping on Keiji left and right about his uncaring, untrustworthy dealings with the series and its fans.

    Man,,, I gotta say I like Legends, it's got a set of alright by me games, but that series has bought almost nothing but pure controversy around it.

    1. I agree, except for the very slow underwater areas and Roll's killer prices. Good thing those were improved in the PSP version (no more lag and some reduced prices), but bad thing it was released only in Japan...

      As things are, I wonder if in DASH 3 Rock and the others will have white hair (or bald like Barrett) and Bon Bonne can speak properly.

  2. Man, we leave so much garbage up there in outer space.
    Aren't people worried about the Kessler Effect?

  3. Legends 2 is by far my favourite Mega Man game.

  4. Mega Man Legends (or, more accurately, Mega Man 64) is possibly my all-time favorite video game. Legends 2 is good, but the sudden high-pitched voice actress was just...bad. I haven't met a single 14 year-old male who ever sounded like that.

    But I digress. Legends 2 was a great game with awesome characters. There's a wonderful line in the Archie comic series where Mega Man is flying through space and Auto says "Be careful! Don't crash and get stuck on the moon!" Wise words, Auto. Wise words indeed.

  5. Legends 2 is by far my least favorite Mega Man game, thank heavens it didn't continue so Capcom could focus on improving the rest of the series.

  6. And we were so close to getting that third entry too. Ouch. =(

    @Anonymous (April 20, 2015 at 11:30 PM)

    Bye, bitch.


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