Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mega Man Mii Suit Races to Mario Kart 8 Today

The much anticipated Mario Kart 8 update is out today in North America and Europe. Among the new additions and changes, the game sees support for a number of new Amiibo figures to unlock new Mii racer suits. By scanning your Mega Man Amiibo, you'll be treated to a unique Mega Man suit for your Mii (Mega Buster sadly not included).

The update will set you back a good 247MB. So boot up your Wii U, grab your Mega Man Amiibo and hit the road!


  1. The Blue Bomber driving the Blue Falcon...

    Now I've seen everything. ~w~

  2. Mega Man should just be in Mario Kart, he just looks (Smash ver) like one of them.


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