Friday, February 7, 2014

Watch Keiji Inafune Play Mighty No. 9 (Alpha Version)

We saw some screens of this early Mighty No. 9 build a little while back, but now you can actually see it in action. The above short clip comes from Keiji Inafune's D.I.C.E. 2014 expo presentation. It's looking pretty spiffy so far. Nothing is set in stone, though; these assets and mechanics are subject to change over the course of development.

Thanks for the tip, Heat Man!


  1. Nice. Is there a japan version of this video without an English subtitle ? No reason. I just want to. :)

  2. Even though it doesn;t show full screen of the game,from the look of the monitor,the game sure is very smooth and also very nice too. Beck can dash along absorb enemy to recover.

    To me it look very nice.Can;t wait for more gameplay of this.Just like Keiji, I am satisfied like him too. : )

  3. So... i've learned of a new mechanic, and for an alpha, the animations look pretty well made already

    i'm liking the result so far!

  4. It's official: Keiji Inafune uses Windows 7.

  5. I am hoping for FMV movie in it too. :D

    Also, maybe Forte look like for DLC, perhaps ? : )

  6. It seems to invoke a Network Tranmission feel to it, but with X-style dashing mechanic, too.

    Sorta like that extremely quickly canned Star Force game.

    Anywho, it looks good so far. But we still gotta wait another almost two years.. : /

    1. Canned Star Force game? Linky linky?

    2. Not really, they are going to release it on April 2014. That's 14 months from now. :)

    3. I think he meant April 2015.

      Which can easily be a date subject to change.

      As for the canned Star Force game. It was really shortly shown on Japanese Capcom page years back, about 4 months after Shooting Star 3 came out. It had a link in their news blog stuff, but then after about a few days or week, it suddenly was gone completely.

      All I remember was seeing a note for Wii, an image of SS Rockman dashing like an X game but in 3D, and the background looked like a brighter toned Network Transmission-like stage.
      I sometimes think I'm crazy, cause when I ask others about this, no one has any idea what I'm talking about.


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