Friday, March 28, 2008

EXE 5 Movie Edition Is In the House

To honor the theatrical crossover between Rockman.EXE and Duel Masters, Capcom gave away a very special promotional version of EXE 5: Team of Colonel.

Known as "The Movie Edition", it was merely a repackaging of EXE5: ToC with new cover artwork straight from the film and some goodies inside the box including the famous "Forte Cross Rockman" E-Card, a coupon for snacks (only at select theaters) and EXE 5 stickers (only at select theaters)

Content wise, it's the same game as EXE 5: ToC. However, it was once rumored the game contained new scenarios straight from the film.

I managed to snag this one off of Rinkya a week ago, chances of it reappearing are quite high, last week yet another copy was up for bidding (gone now).

Keep your eyes peeled to Rinkya

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