Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brawl Get!

After waiting in the cold for a miserable thirty minutes, I successfully obtained my copy of Brawl.

Due to the very small interior of my local GameStop, myself and thirty something other gamers were forced to wait outside in the cold till the stroke of midnight.

For the majority of the wait, I was pretty excited for the game, but three "stereotypical gamers" behind me irked my good mood.

"Hey man, I'm buying this game just so I can burn it."

"(Odd sounds) Hellz ya my man. This game is suppose to be really bad, like worse than a Hannah Montana game."

"Sweet man...Yo, did you get your GED yet?"

"No...I like dropped out."

"Lol. What are we waiting in line for again?"

"I dunno."

Honest to god, that was their conversation. Word for word.

Anywho, I've been up playing for the past two hours or so-alone. I would play online, but Random isn't all that fun without text chat and stats, so I invite you all to play against me!

Here is my SSBB Friend Code, enter it so we can have ourselves a good clean fight:


That's that. Now to hit the sack.


  1. This game was out over a month ago. Anyone who waits in a long line to get a game over a month after it's already out is a sucker.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Anon:

    Over month ago in Japan,yes. US street date was 3/9/08.

  4. hi
    I'm Z-Nut

    my brawl code is:

    see you in the fray

  5. @Z-Nut

    It appears you FC is incorrect. Typed it right?

  6. 2664-1790-8173.

    Let's do this thang.

  7. XD

    my code is: 2062-8826-7514

    and I've added both of you
    (megamatt sp)


  8. my fc is 3136-8098-9785 i added u


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