Saturday, March 8, 2008

More R20 Info, Cover Art and More

The must have book of the year continues to make our mouths water! To the right of this text is what appears to be the final cover to "R20 Rockman & X Official Complete Works," decorated with an immense amount artwork adorned with Rockman's face.

Capcom's official Rockman portal confirms the book will contain over 3,000 pieces of artwork from various franchise contributers such as Inafune sama, Hayato Kazi, Tatsuya Yoshikawa and many more.

e-Capcom is now taking preorders for the book, however buyers can expect the book to ship on April 4th.

Strangely, e-Capcom's description of the book indicates it might be the final 20th Anniversary item. (Going by Google's translation. Those fluent in Japanese can double check this!

R20 is available March 25th, 2008 for 3,360 Yen. Don't miss out on this one!

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  1. I'm having difficulty seeing why everyone is so excited when the majority of us can't even read japanese. :| >-<; *sigh* I'll love seeing the art and incredibly intermittent fan translations, but aside from that... I mean, is there any word of an english translation?


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