Thursday, January 24, 2008

ZX Advent: 10,000 Units Away From Sequel

ZXA is almost at it's goal to reach the 100,000 sales mark before the end of the fiscal year.
To guarantee ourselves a third entry, ZXA needs to pull in an extra 10,000 units, but sales have been in a decline as of late.

Currently, ZXA has an estimate of 90,489 units sold in its 29th week. ZXA sells roughly a couple thousand copies a week, but even that number is being to drop as well.

Fiscal year ends around March. Can ZXA make it? Will ZXA suffer the same fate of the DASH series?

Source: VgChartz


  1. Decided to take a stroll through Rockman Corner history...and so...what ever became of this? lol, I'm guessing it didn't reach 100,000. >_<

  2. fuck you capcom just fuck you

    we want ZX 3 so much :(!!!!


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