Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New Promo Image for Mega Man 2018 Cartoon

A new promo image for next year's Mega Man cartoon has surfaced online. It's not much but it's something to chew on until the next big info dump.

According to the image, Mega Man will have a presence at MIPCOM, an annual tradeshow in Cannes beginning October 16th. What's more, the image further confirms the show's planned 52x11' format (52 episode, 11-minutes each). This suggests the program will follow a two-episodes-per-show format when it airs on Cartoon Network next year.

And that's about all that can be said for now. Maybe we'll learn more by MIPCOM?

Source: IMissBionix

Monday, September 25, 2017

Tokiko Nakashima Celebrates Star Force Mega Man 4Inch-Nel Launch with New Art

Sentinel's Star Force Mega Man 4Inch-Nel is now available! To mark the occasion, series character designer Tokiko Nakashima whipped up the above piece. And, man, is it ever good to see brand-new Star Force art. I've always loved Nakashima's stuff, Star Force 3 in particular.

There IS a mobile wallpaper version of this up on the Rockman Unity app. We should have those ripped for you relatively soon. UPDATE: And here they are!

Source: Rockman Unity

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bad Mega Man Volnutt, Hanayashiki Style Mega Man.EXE Coming to NYCC, Too!

Now this is a pleasant surprise. Hot on the heels of the 4Inch-Nel Geo variant, Good Smile announced Bad Mega Man Volnutt and the Hanayashiki Style Mega Man.EXE variants will be available to purchase exclusively at New York Comic-Con. Supply will be limited so get your keister over to booth #422 ASAP (on October 5th).

In all, that's three exclusive Mega Man 4Inch-Nels. Yeah; you're gonna need to bring some extra zenny.

Source: Good Smile US

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tokyo Game Show Mega Man 30th Anniversary Panel Live Stream (Update: ENDED)

UPDATE: And that's a wrap. The panel was, for the most part, the same as last Thursday's. No new announcements.

In just a few short hours the Mega Man 30th anniversary panel will take place at the Tokyo Game Show. The panel runs from 14:20 to 15:05 JST followed by a ten minute "Rockman Studio Talk" session from 15:05 to 15:15 JST. To find out what time that is in your neck of the woods, simply plug 14:20 JST in Google + your timezone.

According to Capcom, the panel will look back at past Mega Man titles and deliver the latest news on the 30th anniversary. Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya will be on-stage with guests America Zarigani, Chocolat Ikeda, and Ayana.

The 9/22 press only panel, which only ran for 20 minutes, delivered a new Roll design for 2018 and some merchandise. Tonight's panel may be more of the same – then again, maybe not. We'll see. Anything newsworthy will be made into its own post above this one. Stay tuned and remember: no expectations, no disappointments.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Mega Man Star Force Geo Variant 4Inch-Nel Headed to NYCC '17

If you plan on attending this year's New York Comic-Con, you might want to swing by Good Smile Co.'s booth (#422). Word on the street is the red Geo Stellar 4Inch-Nel variant will be on sale! It's a con exclusive (for the time being) so you better believe supply will be limited. Bring money – I can't stress that enough.

NYCC 2017 kicks off October 5th at the Javits Center. Head over here for more info!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Roll Gets a New Design for 2018 Nendoroid Figure... and Maybe More?

Roll is getting a brand-new look for a new and mysterious Nendoroid figure. Announced during the preview version of the Tokyo Game Show Rockman 30th anniversary panel, this new design will be turned into a Nendoroid by Good Smile in 2018.

That's all well and good, sure, but something else might going on here.

Attendees and fans on Twitter find it highly suspect this new design is *just* for a figure. Nendoroids are traditionally based on pre-existing character designs – nothing has been created from scratch. What's more, wouldn't Nendoroid concept art have Nendo-like proportions? Unless Roll intends to break tradition, speculation says this design could belong to something else.

At first glance, I immediately drew comparisons to that new, out-of-place concept art in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Style-wise, Roll and Mega Man here are pretty similar.

Interesting stuff, guys. Very interesting. Needless to say, I'll be keeping tabs on this.

Source: Capcom | takaNakayama

Rockman Unity Gathering Comments for Rockman's 30th Anniversary

Official Rockman blog Rockman Unity is gearing up for the 30th anniversary in December. To mark the occasion, they're looking to gather comments – kudos, words of encouragement, fond memories, etc. – from fans and video game developers alike.

The form is presented in Japanese but it's really not all that hard to fill out. There are three required forms to submit: the top box is your name, the second box is your comment (1,000 character limit) and the very bottom is "parent consent" for participants 16 years or under. Choose the first option.

What is this for exactly? It's not entirely clear but the official website suggests your comments could result in a "new Rockman 30th anniversary project". Hmm... we shall see!

Source: Rockman Official

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Celebrate Mega Man's 30th Anniversary with a Life-Size Plush

Say hello to the official life-size Mega Man plush. This 4.3-foot monstrosity was spotted at Amazon Japan with a December 24th release date. It'll set you back a hefty 32,400 yen (roughly $288.19 US)

Whether you intend to buy it or not, you gotta see the additional images below. It's ridiculous.

Is This the Rockman 30th Anniversary Logo?

A product listing via Rakuten might've spoiled the official Rockman 30th anniversary logo ahead of this weekend's Tokyo Game Show panel. The logo can be seen on a patch on the left side of this commemorative jacket. It's tiny but we can make out certain details: the "0" is stylized after classic Rock's helmet and the slogan underneath reads "Since 1987". It's big improvement over the 25th anniversary logo, let me tell you.

The jacket itself is actually pretty neat. The inside is said to be lined with the titles of every entry in the classic series. It will ship later this December.

We'll have more 30th anniversary news on September 24th. Look forward to it but remember our mantra: no expectations, no disappointments.

Thanks, CAPkobun!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Launches Today

Friendly reminder: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite goes live today. For fans of a certain blue Maverick Hunter, the fourth entry in the series finally brings X, Zero and Sigma together under one roof. That's not to say Sigma will be available at launch – quite the opposite. The Deluxe Edition of the game includes Sigma and six other future characters slated to drop later this year. Anyway, point is Infinite will finally do Mega Man X fans right.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. I'm on PS4 this time round. I'll see you online!