Friday, February 5, 2016

Rockman Sets Up Shop at Animate Japan

Leading up to the launch of Rockman Classics Collection, Capcom has partnered with select Animate shops for a special in-store promotion. Retails have created dedicated Rockman corner (har har har) featuring oodles of goods. It's an all-out invasion.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Rockman EXE Artist Teases Something for 15th Anniversary

It could be nothing, it could be something. Either way, Rockman EXE manga author and illustrator Ryo Takamisaki recently posted the above image on his promotional Twitter account. It's a teaser for something set to be shown in March (likely the 21st), just in time for Rockman EXE's 15th anniversary in Japan. Eagle-eyed fans will note the silhouettes of Rockman.EXE himself and Forte*.

That's all we have to go by for now. I'm wagering this is an anniversary-related one-shot, which seems like something Takamisaki would do. Then again, who can say. It's entirely up for speculation.

These next couple months are big for EXE. There's an anniversary event, new merchandise, and even a reprint of Rockman EXE Official Complete Works. It's an exciting (and hopeful) time to be an EXE/Battle Network fan. You'd be wise to keep your expectations in check, though.

Source: @Neuronetworking

(*fun observation: Forte's helmet fins are unusually angular for Takamisaki's typical style.)

Contest Time: Best of Mega Man 1-10 Mega Packs

We're teaming up with SpaceLab9 for our latest contest, in which we'll be giving away two deluxe Best of Mega Man 1-10 vinyl soundtracks. There's one Mega Man-colored variant and one Cut Man-colored variant with your name on it. Read on for the details!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Here's the Full Rockman 2 Tokaigi Game Party Concert

The Tokaigi Game Party Japan took place over the weekend at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe. Among the many events and activities to partake, a live Rockman 2 concert was held. Hosted by Nico Nico, the concert brought together various indie artists from the region. It's worth a watch (and listen) alone for the closing piano/violin medley (at 26:52). Really fantastic stuff!

Thanks for the tip, Kiwi!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Last Call to Win Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS Collector's Ed.! (OVER!)

Just a friendly reminder our Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS Collector's Edition sweepstakes is almost at an end! You have until February 1st (12:00pm EST) to enter your contact info at this post here.

One winner will be chosen entirely at random. I'll contact you if you won! Keep an eye on your inbox - you could get lucky.

UPDATE: And that's a wrap! The winner has been contacted. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First Look at Mega Man Legacy Collection Special Edition for PS4/XBO (Updated x3)

Courtesy of Amazon, here's what one can expect from the currently unannounced Xbox One special edition of Mega Man Legacy Collection. The promised statue is little more than a slightly refined mold of Capcom USA's previous 25th anniversary statue. The E-Tank is a new piece altogether.

According to the product description, the statue's buster and helmet light up when Mega Man's left leg touches the E-Tank. There's probably a base for the whole kit-and-caboodle, too. As for a PlayStation 4 variant, well, there's been no sign of it yet. UPDATE: PS4 variant confirmed, just showed up.

From what we've previously gathered, this bundle will launch alongside the physical MMLC on February 23rd for $129.99 USD. Stay tuned for more info!

UPDATE 2: A Capcom rep informed me this bundle is not an official bundle. It's something Amazon put together on their side. The official Collector’s Edition Capcom is offering is the Nintendo 3DS Collector’s Edition that features the gold-colored Mega Man amiibo. Regardless, we'll keep an eye out for pre-orders.

UPDATE 3: Pre-orders are live!

Rockman EXE Anniversary Event to be Held in Asakusa Hanayashiki

This year marks Rockman EXE's 15th anniversary and to celebrate, Capcom are partnering with Asakusa Hanayashiki theme park for a special event. Attendees can get in on a EXE-themed stamp rally, scoop up some exclusive merchandise, and snap some photos with all-new tribute art from Ryo Takamisaki and Miho Asada.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

X-Plus Toys' Gigantic-Sized Roll Now in Color

Courtesy of Figsoku, here's X-Plus Toys' Gigantic Series Roll in full color. You can see the full set here.

The figure stands at 30cm or roughly 11.8 inches. It's expected to retail for 9,504 yen ($80 US). Pre-orders go live in Japan tomorrow with import retailers soon to follow. Pre-ordering directly from X-Plus Toys nabs you a pair of cute keychains!

Source: Figsoku