Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Mega Man Movie is Probably Headed to Netflix as Chernin Entertainment Inks First-Look Deal

Chernin Entertainment, the production company behind the live-action Mega Man film, has signed a first-look deal with Netflix, reports Deadline. Although terms of the multi-year pact were not disclosed, it's largely implied Netflix will become the exclusive home of future Chernin Entertainment projects... Mega Man included.

The live-action Mega Man movie was originally slated to be distributed by 20th Century Fox. Earlier this year, however, Chernin Entertainment part ways the company after it was absorbed by Disney. Chernin were able to retain the rights to 80-plus film projects it had in development at 20th Century Fox.

Mega Man will be directed by Henry Joost, produced by Masi Oka and written by Mattson Tomlin, the co-writer of Matt Reeve's The Batman (2021). As the film is currently in pre-production, there are no details on story, cast or a release date.

Source: Deadline

Monday, April 6, 2020

CG Render of X From Cancelled "Maverick Hunter" FPS Surfaces

Capcom and Armature Studio's Maverick Hunter may be gone, but it certainly isn't forgotten. Not by one of its key artists, anyway. 

Jaehoon Kim, who previously posted concept art and stills from the ill-fated first-person shooter, recently published a pair of videos (here and here) showing the ins-and-outs of X's actual model from the game (albeit untextured). Both clips are very short but we get a good look at just how "animated" X's body was intended to be. The Iron Man influence is unmistakable and for good reason: Adi Granov, the artist who designed Iron Man's armor for the MCU, created this incarnation of X.

While I, personally, was not a fan of the direction Maverick Hunter was aiming for, it's always fascinating to see more of what could have been. You can read more about Maverick Hunter here!

Source: Jaehoon Kim

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Original "Unarmored" Command Mission X Model Discovered After 16 Years

Sit down, close your eyes and take yourself back to 2004. Recall, if you will, that the earliest screenshots for Mega Man X: Command Mission featured X wearing his original blue armor (albeit slightly stylized). This was a time before Capcom incorporated the now fan-favorite "Stealth Armor". If memory isn't your strong suit, it originally looked like this and this. In 2010, additional screenshots of this unused, unarmored state were discovered lurking inside the E3 2004 demo build, too.

Flash forward to today, I am pleased to report that a startling discover has been made among The Cutting Room Floor community. A one Chris Shade was poking around inside the retail GameCube version of the game when, to his surprise, he found a "demo" folder. Inside, Chris found model and texture data for X's unused armor. That's right: it's been hiding under our noses this whole time. Sixteen years, in fact.

Chris took the liberty of extracting the model, which you can download here. If you have the know-how, you can restructure it to look like the above image. And if you're a real wizard, you might be able to mod it *back in* to Command Mission. You could even put it in Grad Theft Auto V, I dunno. I leave that in your hands.

So yeah; this is a pretty neat discovery. It goes to show you that we're still learning new things about some of our favorite games after all these years!

The Making of the Rockman ZX Series Part 5: ZXA Character Designs, DASH Connections

Rockman Unity took an extra week to publish the last part of Makoto Yabe's interview about "The Making of the ZX series", but it's here, translated once again by Sidier. The final entry discusses the creation of Grey and Ashe, the connection between the ZX series and the DASH series, among other topics. Check it out after the break!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Fools: Play as Prometheus & Pandora in Newly Discovered "Chapter W"

(April fools! We tried to carry on the old "Cpapcom" tradition! This may indeed become a fan-project one day courtesy of Tomycase!)

Original story: A major new addition to Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection has been hiding under our noses this whole time. Rockman Corner reader Sidd Finch discovered a new sidequest in Mega Man ZX Advent that unlocks "Chapter W". The new campaign features a brand-new area and the ability to play as Prometheus and Pandora.

You can find all the details after the break!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Classic Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man, Zero, Leviathan Confirmed for Rockman X DiVE

The Rockman X DiVE development team have confirmed that the first five non-X series characters appearing in the game will be classic Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man, Zero series Zero and Leviathan.

While this is sort of being played up as an April Fools' Day joke, I can tell you with absolute certainty it isn't. Not only were these characters referenced in very early datamine finds, but this gives credence to my initial X DiVE report: characters from *different* series will be playable at some point.

Although the development team did not say when these characters will be made available, they did announce a limited time gift:

"Furthermore, to celebrate this exciting news,
the team will send "Special Gift Box x (4+1)" from 2020/4/1 00:00 ~ 2020/4/1 23:59 (UTC+8)
Players who have not logged in during this period will miss this prize XDD

That's all for now! Stay tuned!

Rockman Unity's April Fools Joke This Year is a 690 Million Yen Rockman Ring

It's April 1st in Japan and that means it's time for Rockman Unity's annual April Fools' Day joke! This time around, they're hocking a ceramic Rockman ring that sells for a whopping 690 million yen... or roughly $6,413,550.00 US. It's already sold out, too. A Sigma and Mac ring are in the works, too, apparently.

So yeah; this *isn't* something you can actually buy. But, again, we've seen many Rockman April Fools' day jokes become real products in the past. These rings could very well become a real thing, albeit far more affordable.

Source: Rockman Unity

Celebrate "White Day" in Rockman X DiVE with New Content

A week after it launched, Rockman X DiVE has received its first set of new content in the form of two new costumes – one for Alia and one for Cinnamon (each treated as new characters) – a skin for Zero and a special event which re-purposes the Factory stage as the "Candy Factory". All the details after the break!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Making of the Rockman ZX Series Part 4: Character Design

After a small delay, we are back with a complete translation for the fourth part in Makoto Yabe's "Making of ZX Series" interview conducted by Rockman Unity. This time Ucchy and Makoto Yabe discus the origins and design philosophy behind the most notable characters in the first game.

Part 5 was scheduled to be published on March 25th; however, the original blog post was edited and the date was changed to a mere "coming soon". As soon as part 5 is online, we will bring you a translation with help once again provided by our friend Sidier.  Without further ado, you can find part 4 after the break!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Gear Up for Spring with These Mega Man 11 Goods

Our friends at Eight Sixed have slashed the price on two popular, officially-licensed Mega Man 11 items as part of their "Spring Cleaning" sale. Have a looksie:

Mega Man 11 – "Gear Up" T-Shirt:

Mega Man 11 – "Gears of Fate" Poster:

There's three more Mega Man 11 t-shirts where those come from, too. Although they're not currently discounted, you can ready yourself for Spring while supplies last:  "Diagnostic", "Light Labs" and "Upgrade".

The Spring Cleaning sale last for another two days. Check it out while you still can!

Rockman X DiVE is Now Available in India, Australia & New Zealand

Today, after 6.5 hours of server maintenance, Rockman X DiVE returned with an unexpected surprise: the game is now available in three more countries for a total of twelve since the game launched a few days ago. Find all the details after the break!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Mega Man Zero 1-4, ZX and ZX Advent Soundtracks Now on Spotify, Apple Music, Steam!

What's sure to be a surprise to many, Capcom US have officially released digital soundtracks for all four Mega Man Zero games, Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent on Spotify, Apple Music and Steam. Check 'em out in the links below!

Apple Music:

Tracks made specifically for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection are included as well, but the "Reploid Remixes" are sorely missing. Also, it's worth pointing out that each individual OST is $13.99. That's $83.94 for all six. That's totally fine, sure. However, I think it's worth pointing out that the physical edition of the recently released Zero/ZX Sound Box runs between 8,000 to 8,800 yen. That's around $72 on the low end. It's a matter of preference, but if you want the physical CDs, you can get them a bit cheaper.

Regardless, this is an admirable move on Capcom US's part. This is the first time these OSTs have been released in the US in an official capacity. And look at that; we now have ourselves a very CLEAN version of the Sound Box cover art, too! Isn't Nakayama just the best?

So sit back, relax and enjoy!