Monday, May 10, 2021

Hitoshi Ariga Reveals Scrapped Manga Project "Rockman Nanomix" (+English & Spanish Translation)

A few days ago, Hitoshi Ariga took to Twitter to reveal Rockman Nanomix -- a project that he was working on after the conclusion of Rockman Gigamix 10 years ago. Due to undisclosed reasons, unfortunately, the project was put on hold. However, Ariga was generous enough to turn the initial concept and rough pages into something that was readable for audiences.

As it happened with Rockman san and Rockman chan, the manga has been translated in Spanish thanks to Aldo Cáceres Vilca. You can find his translation here. An English translation is available as well thanks to our good friend Midori (who runs the Mega Man Tune-a-Day Twitter account).

You can read the manga in English and download it after the break!

Friday, May 7, 2021

Mega Man Zero 4 Composer Shares New Demos and "Falling Down" Orchestral Arrangement

A few months back we reported that Shinichi Itakura uploaded a demo for Falling Down, one of many tracks he composed for Mega Man Zero 4.

Fast-forward to today, the man didn't stop. He's continued to share his Mega Man Zero 4 resume on YouTube, uploading his own, wholly original Falling Down cover, and in this last months a brand-new orchestral arrangement, a self-cover of  Deep Deep AND four more demo tracks from the game!

You can find the orchestral arrangement and the playlist for all the new tracks after the break!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

There's More Evidence That Rockman X DiVE is Coming to Steam

In late March, a series of Steam-related strings were discovered in the then-most-recent build of Rockman X DiVE. They carried the implication that a Steam version of the game was in the works. And now, with the advent of the game's May update, a new piece of evidence lends further credence

A Steam icon has found its way into the updated UI data (above). It's among other icons where you can link your Facebook, Line and Apple accounts to the game to transfer save data and/or switch devices.

The Steam icon cannot be seen by players at the moment; the asset is hiding away in the game data until the day it's needed. The Steam-related strings from the March are still there as well. You can read those after the jump below, if you're so inclined.

Pending official word from Capcom, the Steam version of Rockman X DiVE is *not* confirmed. But as evidence continues to mount, it's becoming increasingly likely we might here something soon. Gotta wait and see for now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Buy $60 Worth of Mega Man Stuff From Udon, Get a Limited Edition Hitoshi Ariga Metal Card

Just in time for the annual celebration of "Mega May", Udon Entertainment are offering a limited edition Hitoshi Ariga Mega Man metal card with the purchase of $60 worth of Mega Man merch from their online store.

Unfortunately, all the artbooks and Mega Man Mastermix trade paperbacks seem to be sold out. At the time of this writing, you're purchases are limited to a small variety of T-Shirts, embroidered patches and a number of pins from their catalog.

Head over Udon's online store and enter the code ARIGA at checkout to secure your Hitoshi Ariga metal card

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Unboxing the Rockman EXE 20th Anniversary "Treasure Box"

The Rockman EXE 20th Anniversary "Treasure Box" is already in the hands of those who preordered it. And thanks to YouTuber うばまろちゅーぶ we can take a closer look what's inside!

While the video doesn't show the interior of the special booklet which includes the new manga, it offers a good look at the other items. The new artwork drawn by Ryo Takamisaki and Minho Asada in particular looks great!

What's more, it appears Fukkan ended up including the "Cyber Beast Gregar (Greiga)" e-card with the "Rockman EXE no Subete Official Settei Shiryoushuu" reprint. That's a great bonus ... but do you think all of the above is worth the equivalent of 125€ or $151?

Let's us know in the comments!

Monday, May 3, 2021

The Classic Series Returns to Rockman X DiVE with Bass and Mega Man Thunder Beam Ver.

If we don't count Swimsuit Roll, it's been a long while since a new character from the Classic Series appeared in Rockman X DiVE. We would have to go back to May 2020 when Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll and Super Mega Man first dropped. 

But now,the wait is over! A fan-favorite rival from the Classic Series joins the fray alongside a new version of Mega Man, too!

Find all the details after the break!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Super Adventure Rockman Gets New, Accurate English Subtitles

Super Adventure Rockman's English fan-translation is close to 13-years-old. And, really, it was an admirable first effort. Prior to 2008, no one sincerely took up the task to translate -- let alone subtitle -- the Japan-exclusive interactive movie game. We have 'ol Oyster to thank for that.

Flash forward to the present. A Mega Man YouTuber, per tradition, surprised viewers with an unexpected birthday gift. This year it was a brand-new, more accurate English translation of Super Adventure Rockman Episode 1: Temple of Moon! The translation has even been paired with the audio from the Sega Saturn version in its highest-quality format yet. 

What's more, the animation was upscaled via AI. This was done to make things a bit more tolerable as a majority of Super Adventure Rockman's FMVs were presented in 192x144 (!!!). Only the Opening Movie, Ending Movie and Next Episode scenes were presented 320x240. But, hey, everything looks pretty good now!

Episodes 2 and 3 are expected to drop later this month. For now, you can watch Episode 1 above! Don't forget to turn on the captions!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Rockman X DiVE - The Hat and The Mysterious Art

Few things in Rockman X DiVE have caused more discussion among fans than the introduction of Iris -another-. In the midst of it, the development team released some early concept art, explaining the thought process behind her design.

What's more? As part of the "Half-Anniversary" of Rockman X DiVE's Japanese release, two new pieces of art have come to light that you don't want to miss!

Find all the details after the break!

Follow the "Underworld Broker" in Teppen's Latest Card Pack, "Ace vs. The People"

Following the "A Dark Agenda" card pack that released in early March, a new Ace Attorney-themed pack has arrived to Teppen. Althought it doesn't feature a new hero, it brings a mystery that must be resolved!

You can find all the Mega Man X-themed cards after the break!

Thursday, April 29, 2021

"Rockman-san" and "Rockman-chan" English and Spanish Fan Translations Now Available

A couple days ago we finally had the chance to check out the first chapters for the brand-new "Rockman-san" and "Rockman-chan" manga. And now, thanks to the hard work of two members from the Mega Man community, we can read them both in English and Spanish!

Our good friend Midori (who runs the Mega Man Tune-a-Day Twitter account) translated -San and -Chan  into to English. You can find those here and here.

Meanwhile, Aldo Cáceres Vilca, who runs a blog dedicated to translating Rockman manga and different books into Spanish, translated them as well. You can find his Spanish translation here.

Now that most of you can read -San and -Chan, let us know what you think in the comments! Don't forget to thank Midori and Aldo, too!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

"Rockman-san" and "Rockman-chan" First Chapters Posted Online

Last December, it was announced that two brand-new Rockman manga would launch in Spring 2021. That day is upon us.

The first chapters for both Rockman-san and Rockman-chan have been posted on Young Ace UP for free. Although each are presented in Japanese, there's no doubt we'll be seeing fan translations soon. Official English adaptations have yet to be confirmed.

Rockman-san follows the every day life of a grown-up Rockman as he deals with the tumultuous demands of an adult world. Older versions of Roll and Robot Masters make up the supporting cast. Meanwhile, Rockman-chan is a gag manga starring an "innocent" Blue Bomber who carries out Dr. Light's often-ridiculous demands.

You can check out the first chapters here or, alternatively, the following direct links:


We'll let you know when English versions become available - no worries. New chapters are expected to drop on May 12th. Stay tuned for continued coverage!

Making Mega Man: Code Legend Pre-Orders Are Live

Ready to build your own motion-controlled Mega Man game? Pre-orders for the officially-licensed Making Mega Man: Code Legend toolkit are now available via Kickstarter.

There are four different tiers to choose from but a minimum pledge of $204 includes the kit itself and 10 guide books at a 20% "Early Bird" discount. All tiers include free shipping and handling to the U.S and Canada. It's expected to ship in July.

Although the kits are produced on a made-to-order basis, Artec are limiting production to 1,000 units. If the campaign is successful, though, they hope to offer additional kits through other platforms. For now, this Kickstarter is the only method to purchase the English version.

You can learn more about Making Mega Man: Code Legend here!