Saturday, December 8, 2018

December Wallpaper from the Rockman Unity App is Live

The time has come, good friends. Here it is the final wallpaper of 2018 from the Rockman Unity app. It's a collage of old art, unfortunately. Nothing new this time. It's a little weird because everything else this year has been stellar.

Regardless, you can download the full resolution here!

Friday, December 7, 2018

UDON Collectibles Mega Man Goods Return for a Limited Time

If you missed out on UDON Collectables' various convention-exclusive Mega Man goods in the past year, you're in luck. For the next three days you can pick up those sweet collector pins and the 30th anniversary cross-section shirt at UDON Collectibles' pop-up shop. They're gone after December 10th!

So if you're in need of some fun Mega Man stocking stuffers for the holiday season, this is it. The lucky draw pins are my favorite of the bunch – highly recommended. Do note that they're sold in blind bags, though. You won't know what you get at first.

Grab yours ASAP at the link above!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Chapter 3 of Rockman X: The Novel -Irregular Report- Has Been Fan-Translated

A passionate group of fans have been working on a fan-translation of Tsubasa Todoroki's Rockman X: The Novel -Irregular Report- for almost two years. Today, they released Chapter 3 (Spark Mandrill), which is available to read here.

The chapter discusses X's battle with Spark Mandrill, as well as a little more than X bargained for...

Anyone is able to read from the cover of the novel up to Chapter 3 at this point, so consider reading all of what's done so far. The project is still under way, so please be patient with the group as they continue to release updates.

Please also support Todoroki's novel! The novel is available on Amazon (JP) for purchase.


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mega Man Legends Was Almost Included in the PlayStation Classic

Following the ill-reception of the just-released PlayStation Classic, if there were any more reasons to be disappointed with the console, the Mega Man community would certainly have one for them to add to.

It would appear that Mega Man Legends was, at some point, considered for inclusion in the PlayStation Classic mini console. The source code released by Sony Interactive Entertainment earlier this week references the game, along with international versions, under the individual names MEGA_MAM_LEGENDS_EU [sic], MEGA_MAM_LEGENDS_JP [sic], MEGA_MAM_LEGENDS_US [sic]. No, not a Mega mother. Its suppose to be Mega Man. N and M are right next to each other on keyboards.

Read on for the full story!

Mega Man and Mega Man Countdown to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate countdown continues with our very own blue boy! The official Rockman Unity Twitter account posted a special tribute piece featuring Mega Man's Smash Bros. and Mega Man 11 incarnations. Just one day remains! (in Japan time)

Source: Rockman Unity

Monday, December 3, 2018

Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works Hardcover Reprint Outed by Amazon (Update)

If you've been hoping that UDON would reprint Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works, well, the stars may finally be shining upon you. Amazon Canada recently put up a listing for a hardcover "Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works" with a June 4th, 2019 release date (UPDATE: it's up on Amazon US now). It'll set you back $59.99 CDN or roughly $45.47 USD. That's so much more affordable than what we've got going on right now.

No word yet if this reprint will include any additional content. Based on previous Mega Man hardcover re-releases, though, it's doubtful. Still, it'd be nice if we at least got a spiffy new dust jacket. I mean, any opportunity to get Nakayama to draw new Zero art is a blessing.

We shall see. More news on this front as it comes!

Source: Amazon Canada

Thursday, November 29, 2018

"Rockman X5 IF" by Yoshihiro Iwamoto Depicts a Twisted Alternate X5 Ending

The new Rockman X 25th anniversary Memorial Carddass box set is now available in Japan, and as promised, it contains a new one-shot manga by Yoshihiro Iwamoto. Titled "Rockman X5 IF", the manga presents fans with an brand new, alternate ending for Rockman X5 that's all kinds of crazy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"Mega Man Figural Keyrings" Hitting Retailers

We've known about these little guys since May, and it sounds like they're starting to pop up in the U.S. According to Rockman Corner readers Jimb0, RockMax, and Derek, individual blind packages of Mega Man Figural Keyrings have been spotted at Target and Walmart in Washington, California, and Michigan, respectively. Characters include Mega Man, Rush, Dr. Wily, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Roll, and Proto Man.

A few online retailers are loading up on these guys as well. Toywiz, Box Lunch, and eStar Land to name a few. Distribution is relatively new so we'll definitely be seeing these figures pop up elsewhere, too. Either way, these might make decent stocking suffers!

Thanks for the tip, fellas!

Monday, November 26, 2018

New Episodes of "The Fully Charged Podcast" Are Here

The Fully Charged Podcast, my crossover show with The Mega Man Network's LBD "Nytetrayn", is back in action! It took us some time but we're finally caught up to where the Cartoon Network app left off. You can listen to Episodes 14~16 here, Episodes 17 & 18 here, and Episodes 19 & 20 here! (the latter covers the exceptional "Lightfall" episodes)

With that out of the way, we have a question for our listeners. Both Mega Man Fully Charged and The Fully Charged Podcast are indeed poised to continue. However, we're facing a bit of a "viewing" quandary. In Canada, LBD is able to watch NEW Fully Charged episodes on Family CHRGD. Here in the states, however, the Cartoon Network app has stopped adding new episodes.

So here's your question (as worded by LBD): "do you want us to figure something out (which we already have, so no suggestions needed) so that we more closely follow the Canadian airing of new episodes (meaning we’d have some catching up to do)? Or would you rather we find something else to do in the meantime, and post our new episodes relating to the new cartoon episodes after they air in the States?"

The tl;dr: Do you want us to record new episodes as additional Fully Charged episodes air in Canada, or stick and wait for the U.S to catch up?

So yeah, you can let us know in the comments or one of our many social media profiles we promote at the end of each podcast. We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Denuvo Removed From Mega Man 11 on PC

DSOGaming reports that the PC version of Mega Man 11 version is now 100% Denuvo-free. The controversial anti-tamper technology was removed from Mega Man 11 earlier this week in response to the game being cracked by CODEX.

In the PC gaming community, Denuvo is largely scrutinized for anti-consumer practices and a myriad of performance issues. Yet despite complaints, publishers continue to turn to Denuvo to deter piracy. This in turn fuels the cracking scene to, well, get crackin'. At that point there really is no reason to keep Denuvo implementation around, so it's removed.

If Denuvo was keeping you from picking up Mega Man 11 on PC, there's no time like the present to snag it up! And look at that – it's 20% off for Black Friday!

Source: DSOGaming