Thursday, July 19, 2018

Torch Man Revealed for Mega Man 11, First Gameplay & Details

The fourth Mega Man 11 Robot Master was revealed at today's SDCC Mega Man panel – Torch Man! This fiery foe takes a few pages from Ryu's notebook. Gameplay and details after the jump!

Mega Man X: Mega Mission Announced by UDON Entertainment

Previously unpublished in English, Hitoshi Ariga's Mega Man X: Mega Mission is *finally* headed stateside courtesy of UDON Entertainment. The publisher announced at SDCC '18 that the first full-color, 48-page issue arrives in January, 2019.

Mega Mission was originally published in Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Remix manga compilation in 1996. The story is an adaptation of the Mega Mission trading cards by Bandai, which chronicles a unique storyline that took place between Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3. If you want to brush up on the cards' storyline before January, check out Number 20's coverage here.

More news and additional images soon. Thanks to Deb Aoki for the picture!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

First Look at Mega Man: Fully Charged SDCC '18 Prints

As previously reported, Comic-Con attendees can get their hands exclusive, signed Mega Man: Fully Charged prints by artist Jose Emroca Flores (Booth #4722). No images were available at the time, but James went ahead posted a couple previews to his Instagram page. Check 'em out above! And yes; I can confirm everything you see is gonna be in the show. Though stylized here, these are indeed the final Robot Master designs (Mega Mini, too).

Both prints are available from James' website during SDCC for a limited time, too. You can purchase "Mega Man Jumper" here and "Mega Man Rush Moto" here. Both prints are 18x24 printed on heavy watercolor paper.

More Fully Charged news soon. Stay tuned.

Rockman Ability Announced – Pachislot Machine for Japan

A Rockman pachislot game has been rumored for years and today it's come to fruition. Developed by Spiky (their site is a little on the NSFW-side), Rockman Ability is a pachislot machine that's slated to release this September exclusively in Japan.

Although that's the gist of the announcement, an individual under the name G3_777 – who is largely associated with amusement games  – managed to find and post some artwork from the game on Twitter. One of the images is above; the other can be seen here or after the jump below.

Mega Man 11 Blast Man Stage Gameplay

Shown on Capcom TV this morning, here's our very first look at Blast Man's stage in action. We do not get to see the actually fight with Blast Man, though. The Capcom TV crew takes us right up to the mid-boss. Still, it's lookin' good!

Mega Man: Fully Charged Airs on August 5th on Cartoon Network

Mega Man: Fully Charged is starting sooner than we thought. DHX Media and Cartoon Network have announced an August 5th premiere date for the brand-new series (a time slot has yet to be announced). What's more, clips and previews will be posted a weekly basis on an upcoming Mega Man: Fully Charged-dedicated YouTube channel.

Hit the jump below for more Fully Charged news.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Album Teases "X's Fight is Not Yet Over"

Copies of the physical Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 soundtrack are popping up in Japan early, and there's a little something interesting hiding in the booklet. The last panel in the game story summary page, right next to Mega Man X8, is the following message: "The story of X's fight is not yet over."

That's the super literal translation, at least. And you know what? It sounds vaguely familiar to a certain message to fans in an old, pre-Mega Man 9 20th anniversary book: "The legend is not yet complete..."

I'm a little divided on what, if anything, this could mean. On one hand it could very well imply there is a future for the Mega Man X series – Mega Man X9 or otherwise. But on the other hand, X's fight technically never ended after X8. Perhaps it's an in-universe reference to the events of the Elf Wars, the Zero and ZX series? It's a little too early to say, maybe. We can speculate, of course. That's always fun.

Source: guu_tara (thanks for the translation, Sensei Hanzo! You too, GileumRix! )

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 Trophies Revealed

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 is launching soon (July 24th), and the PlayStation 4 Trophies have been revealed. You can find Legacy Collection 1's Trophies here and Legacy Collection 2's here. Each collection has 1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 13 Silver, and 38 Bronze to earn. That's 53 Trophies per collection.

By the by, there's a few interesting descriptions that are worth checking out. This Trophy, "Another Day, Another Recon"/"Reconnaissance Complete" implies there's a secret image hidden in the art gallery. We all know what happened the last time Capcom threw one of those in, yeah? And who knows what's going on with these, "Identity Erased/"Defrag Complete". The description reads, "Blast through the mystery of the staff credits and return to the future." This could be interesting.

Also, we have confirmation that the secret Cut Man fight in Mega Man X8 remains intact. You earn the achievement "DLN.003" when you beat him. The conditions to unlock the fight aren't know at this time, but it's likely a button combination. I'll look for it in my review.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 is due on July 24th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Thanks, Reploid21XX!

Rockman X3 Prototype (September 25th, 1995) Released

The second of three Mega Man X series prototypes I'm dropping this month is here. Tonight we've got another sample version of Rockman X3. The build date on this one is September 25th, 1995 – that's three months before the game hit retail (December 1st, 1995). It's the least interesting of the three prototypes I'm tossing up (find out what next week's is after the jump) but nevertheless it's an important piece of X3's development history.

Friday, July 13, 2018

New Rockman 11 Concept Art at Hanayashiki Park

The Rockman 11 demo event in Hanayashiki Park is underway! As anticipated, there's a bit of new (and old) concept art coming out from the exhibit. Check 'em out after the jump!