Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Different Mega Man Project Was Conceived Before Mega Man 11

The Rockman 11 Production Note features an interview between Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Rockman Unity's Ucchi. Among the many topics discussed, Tsuchiya revealed that, initially, Mega Man 11 started out as a wholly different Mega Man project. Although Tsuchiya doesn't divulge any details about what it was, he insists that he still wants to make it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tron & Servbots Pay Tribute to the Classic Series in New Rockman Unity Wallpaper

This week's wallpaper from the Rockman Unity app is bFumikane Shimada, character designer of cult anime Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer. Come back next week for another wallpaper by a famous anime/manga author.

Download the full resolution here!

"Mega Roll" Probably Won't Be Coming to Mega Man 11 (But She Should)

For the past couple weeks the official Rockman Unity Twitter account has been posting little Mega Man 11 tips called "Advice from Dr. Light's Lab". Each tip includes new artwork of Mega Man 11 characters, and this one – "#6: Release the 'Double Gear' Diligently" – features Roll decked out in her very own "Mega Man" gear. Coupled with the prospect of post-launch content, this piece has some fans hopeful that playable Roll DLC is coming. But is it really?

So here's the deal: a cropped version of that image has been making the rounds, and it's missing a key element. The original image has a message to fans that reads, "Roll will not appear like this in-game". Do note that, out of all the Japanese text in that image, this is the only line that's translated in English. I think it's safe to say Capcom really want you to keep your expectations in check here. That's my interpretation, at least.

Regardless of this image's intent, I think we can all agree it's time for Roll to be playable again. She was last playable in the Japanese-only Rockman 1 mobile port and before that, Mega Man Powered Up. If Mega Man 11 DLC really is on the burner (it could be) would Capcom really pass on the opportunity?

Source: Rockman Unity

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Flash Man Medley by Keiichi Okabe Revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate music reveal is a brand-new Flash Man medley by the great Keiichi Okabe, the composer behind Nier and Nier: Automata. Do your ears a favor and check out the sample above – it's magnificent!

Thanks for the tip, Nitomatta!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Rumor: 8ing Might Be Working on Additional Mega Man 11 Content

If a recent listing on the Steam Database is to be taken at face value, more Mega Man 11 could be on the way. On October 10th, Mega Man 11's Steam Database page saw the addition of a post-release branch titled "8ing".

According to speculation, the branch name is a direct reference to 8ing – the Japanese video game developer who worked with Capcom on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The existence of the 8ing branch suggests Capcom have outsourced, or are collaborating with 8ing to develop future Mega Man 11 content. To date, 8ing have not worked directly on any Mega Man game.

Beyond the "Wily Numbers Instrumental Tracks" pre-order DLC, no additional Mega Man 11 content has been announced by Capcom. However, it's worth pointing out that the game does check for DLC upon boot-up. So if additional content is planned/currently in the works, Mega Man 11 is already primed and ready for it.

So hopefully this will amount to something. I mean hey, I know I could go for some DLC. (second playable character, please) I'll keep you posted either way. Thanks to Hanumachine for the tip! 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Mega Man Fully Charged Removed From Cartoon Network's Schedule

When it was first announced that Mega Man Fully Charged would be airing on Cartoon Network, we pretty much unanimously arrived at the same conclusion: CN would inevitably send it out to die. And so here we are... maybe.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Mega Man 11 Official Character Relation Chart Translated

By way of Skycompass, here's a scanlation of the official Mega Man 11 character relation chart from the Rockman 11 Production Note. There's some fun little details going on here, like Impact Man is a regular reader of Blast Man's "Boom Boom Monthly" magazine column. Also, just in case the game itself didn't make it apparent enough, yes; Cossack Robot Laboratories did indeed produce Tundra Man.

Several other scans from the Production Note have started to appear online, too. You might want to follow Rock Miyabi and see what's up.

Thanks, Sky!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New Rockman Unity Mobile Wallpaper

Continuing with the five-part wallpaper tribute to the franchise, the latest wallpaper from the Rockman Unity app comes to us from Koji Yokoi, artist and designer of the SD Gundam series. Cute, no?

Download the full resolution here!

Rockman 11 Production Note Preview Pages

The Rockman 11 Production Note is a 64-page booklet that's currently going for hundreds of dollars on the auction block. Included as part of the now-sold-out Rockman 11 Complete Edition package (also previously sold individually via e-Capcom), the book features a wealth of concept art, unused ideas, tribute art, developer commentary, and other fun little extras.

So to keep your appetite whet until you have your very own copy (or, you know, scans), here's a whole bunch of preview pages for you to ogle at. Check 'em out after the break!

Mega Man 11 Debuts at #4 and #7 in Japanese Sales (Physical Only)

The latest Media Create charts are out (Oct. 1 through Oct. 7th) and it looks like Mega Man 11 is off to a lukewarm start in Japan.

Based on three days of data (remember, the game launched in Japan on Oct. 4), the Nintendo Switch version debuted at #4 with 14,650 units followed by the PlayStation 4 version at #7 at 12,052 units. Together that's 26,702 units.

As a reminder, Media Create only only tracks physical games sold in-store retail. We do not have any concrete data on digital sales at this time. If early indicators are to be believed, however, the game looks to be doing better on the eShop and Steam. 

Time will tell!

Source: Gematsu