Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Roll Caskett 4 Inch-Nel Figure Gets a Recolor for Winter Wonder Festival 2019

Less than a month since the release of the "Regular" and AmiAmi-exclusive version of Sentinel's 4 Inch-Nel Roll figure, Capcom announced today a recolor that will go on sale at the 2019 Winter Wonder Festival (starts in February). Limited quantities will be sold but no further details have been shared. If we take into consideration the other Wonder Festival or Convention exclusive recolors we've seen in the past, it can be assumed that the price will be roughly the same as the Regular version and limited quantities will be sold at Sentinel Online Store after the festival ends.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Official Mega Man: Fully Charged Concept Art by Fran Delgado

Mega Man: Fully Charged artist and character designer Fran Delgado has shared a wealth of concept art from the show on her official website. From Mega Man and Mega Mini to Dr. Light, Bert and the Robot Masters, there's a LOT to see here. There's even some unused designs, too!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Rockman X and Dragon Poker Collaboration Announced

To commemorate Rockman X's 25th anniversary, Capcom are once again teaming up with Asobism for a special Dragon Poker collaboration.

Beginning January 28th through February 10th, a handful of fan-favorite X series characters will appear in the game as cards. Some will be distributed from the get-go, others are won via gacha. There's eleven characters to collect throughout the campaign: X, Zero, Sigma, Axl, Iris, Alia, Magna Centipede, Crystal Snail, Wire Sponge, and Vile. Other, miscellaneous-themed support cards like a Ride Chaser and Rabbit Ride Armor can be obtained by players as well.

You can check out a whole bunch of spiffy character artwork after the break!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

First 4 Figures Mega Man 11 Statue Has a New Face

It looks like First 4 Figures' upcoming Mega Man 11 statue has had a facelift. An updated render of the statue's face was posted to First 4 Figures' Collector's Club at the end of December. Compared to the original version (shown left), the updated face is a bit longer with a flatter nose, wider mouth, and repositioned eyes.

The body of the statue has yet to be seen. Based on the above images, however, it's assumed to be inspired by Mega Man's pose from Mega Man 11's box art. If that is indeed the case, I think they original version of the face is superior here. It does a better job capturing Mega Man's "battle ready" expression.

Of course, there's nothing concrete to suggest that this will be the final face. First 4 Figures tend to make various adjustments based on fan-feedback. Take to the Collector's Page and sound off, if you'd be so inclined!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Watch Mega Ran and Bit Brigade's Live Performances at MAGfest 2019

Fan-favorite Bit Brigade and Mega Ran headed back to MAGfest this year to perform live shows. They don't need any kind of introduction for veteran Mega Man fans, but just in case you need a little introduction, Bit Brigade is a band that performs rock covers of full NES game soundtracks while speedrunning live. Mega Ran, meanwhile, is a "nerdcore" rapper that became notoriously famous among Mega Man fans with his 2007 album, "Mega Ran", a tribute album to Mega Man with rap lyrics. You may also remember him for his appearance in the Mega Man 30th Anniversary livestream where Mega Man 11 was announced. He also had a song featured in Mighty No. 9.

Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi attended both Bit Brigade and Megan Ran's concerts. Although he didn't perform, Tateishi actually had the chance to do some singing with Mega Ran (speaking of Takashi Tateishi, you may want to check what he had to say about Mega Man 2's development).

Hit the jump and enjoy the music!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"The Four Guardians" Show Up in the Latest Rockman Unity App Wallpaper

A new year, a new wallpaper from the Rockman Unity app. This time it's the Four Guardians from the Mega Man Zero series: Harpuia, Leviathan, Fefnir, and Phantom. This piece comes to us from Mega Man 11 character modeler Yuri Yoshino. It was first seen at the Rockman's 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the "Machi Asobi Vol. 21" event way back in September of 2018.

You can download the full resolution here!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Rockman Corner is Now on Patreon! Help Me Preserve Mega Man History

If you've been visiting Rockman Corner for the last ten years or so, you've probably picked up on my passion for Mega Man history. Be it prototype games, rare footage or seldom-seen concept art, I love to collect and share this stuff with you guys. I can't name a single prototype I've "hoarded" to myself. Everything I have is yours. Mi casa, su casa.

So to keep the ball rolling, to ensure that pieces of Mega Man's history are preserved, documented and shared publicly, I've launched a Patreon. For literally a dollar or two, you can help me fund the acquisition of Mega Man prototypes, game design documents, concept artwork, lost media, and other odds-and-ends you've never seen before. I also want to translate videos, guidebooks, drama tracks, etc. into English for the first time, too.

Here are a few projects I'm working on that could use a little Patreon-fuel:

  • Long-term project: acquisition and translation of game documents relating to a cancelled 1995 Mega Man X "interactive movie" game.
  • Mid-term project: acquisition, scanning, and restoration of rare NES and SNES era Mega Man concept art, alternate package designs, and marketing materials.
  • Mid-term project: dump and preserve "Rockman EXE: Battle Chip Stadium" arcade game.
  • Short-to-mid-term project: Translate or re-translate lore material from drama tracks and "Dr. Light's journal" (from the Rockman Classic Collection), developer interviews from rare guidebooks, and other odds-and-ends.
  •  And more!

I'm also planning on writing two unofficial books: a definitive "History of Mega Man Legends" book covering the development and behind-the-scenes secrets of the Legends series, and a book on lesser-known Mega Man games (Japan-only mobile games, obscure ports, etc.).

For more details hit up my Patreon here. Your donation, however much you want to chip in, is appreciated. You guys are the best. Cheers and thank you!

(Image credit: Rolando Ortiz -

Sunday, January 6, 2019

You Can Own a Life-Sized Mega Man: Fully Charged Statue for Nearly 10 Grand

The big, life-sized Mega Man: Fully Charged statue that was on display at last summer's San Diego Comic-Con can be yours for a cool $8,999.00. It's up for grabs at LM Treasures and, alternatively, eBay. The shipping is free!

Designed by ToyNami, this is one of three life-sized statues produced to promote the show. It measures 55 x 48 x 58 and weighs about 100 pounds. Needless to say, this big boy will make a fine addition to anyone's Mega Man collection. If you have the Zenny, I mean.

You can check out more images and details at LM Treasures. Congratulations to the would-be-owner!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Go Behind the Scenes of Mega Man 2 with Composer Takashi Tateishi

The man behind the mega – Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi

Yesterday during "Mega Man-athon 7" – a 72-hour charity marathon that took place during MAGFest 2019 – Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi was interviewed during a live play of the game. Because this was Tateishi-san's first visit to the U.S, and the first time interacting directly with English-speaking Mega Man fans, he had a LOT to say about Mega Man 2's development.

Ever wanted to know why Wily Stage 2 doesn't have its own unique theme? That and other cool tidbits await you after the break!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episodes 21 Through 32 Now Online

Elec Man thwarts Aki and Ashley's Mega Man-themed schoolplay in Episode 29, "Watt's Happening?!"

Ahead of the show's return to Cartoon Network airwaves this weekend, the Cartoon Network website and video app have uploaded twelve brand-new episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged. The total episode count now sits at 32.

Do note that, in order to watch full episodes online, you'll need to authenticate your cable or satellite TV provider. If you're unable to watch online, tune in to Cartoon Network every Saturday and Sunday morning at 6:30am/5:30am for new episodes.

Source: Cartoon Network

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Ring in the New Year with Some Festive Mega Man Wallpapers

Need a fresh phone background for the New Year? Look no further, friend! Here's three brand-new, official wallpapers courtesy of Yusuke Nakamura (Night Is Short, Walk On Girl, Tatami Galaxy), the Mega Man 11 user interface team, and the Capcom design team.

Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy the day!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Next Mega Man Game Enters Pre-Production in 2019, Implies Mega Man 11 Producer

4Gamer has posted a series of end-of-year interviews with Japanese developers about their 2019 ambitions. Among them is Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, who has a few words to share about what's in store for the new year:

“In 2018, we were able to safely release Mega Man 11. This is also a thank-you to all of the game fans. In 2019, I would like to make steady preparations for what’s next, so there may not be any major action, but I hope you can all watch over me with warm eyes…!”

Simply put, Tsuchiya is suggesting that 2019 will be spent preparing for the next game in the franchise. Although we probably won't see a major release in 2019, we can rest easy with the knowledge that something new is on the burner. As to what the next game might be... well, that's anyone's guess. It's way, way too early to call it.

I guess we'll just have to watch Tsuchiya with "warm eyes", then. Stay tuned!

Source: 4Gamer (via Pixelbuster and Gematsu)