Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bandai Resurrecting Rockman X Mega Missions Cards

Starting today, Bandai are accepting entries for a Giga Armor Rockman X design contest. The winning fan-created armor design will appear in a new or reprinted line of Rockman X Mega Mission cards. You read that correctly: Mega Missions is – in some shape or form – returning.

Bandai are asking fans to create an original design using this template. Submissions will be judged by none other than Yoshiro Iwamoto, author and illustrator of the famed Rockman X manga. The winning design will be redrawn by Iwamoto as a smartphone wallpaper to promote the resurrected Mega Missions cards.

The contest starts today and concludes on January 12th, 2018. A winner will be announced a few short weeks later. Sadly for us, participation is limited to residents of Japan.

At the moment it's difficult to determine if these are actually *new* Mega Mission cards or a reprint of the original 1995-'96 cards. Rockman Unity's own Ucchy-san seems to be in on this surprising revival, too, whatever it turns out to be. Regardless, this is an interesting development. Hopefully we'll have more news from this front soon!

Thanks for the tip Vhyper1985!

8-Bit Mega Man Funko Pops Headed to GameStop on Black Friday

Love 'em or hate 'em, Funko's Pop vinyls are here to stay (for now). So it should come as no surprise we'll be seeing more Mega Man Pops – and soon at that.

According to a leaked GameStop Black Friday ad clipping and photo, the 2017 Funko Mystery Box will play host to "8-Bit Mega Man" and "8-Bit Magnet 'Missle' Mega Man" Pops (yes, they misspelled missile). There's no guarantee you'll get those two Pops in one go, mind you. The mystery box is, as the name implies, entirely blind. You get what you get. Of course if you REALLY want these things you could always hit up eBay after Black Friday.

Thanks for the tip, Julian!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rockman 30th Anniversary Postage Stamps Coming to Japan

Japan Post announced they will be launching an official set of Rockman stamps for the series' 30th anniversary. Further, the set will ship with exclusive 30th anniversary t-shirts seen here and here. Reservations will begin on November 20th for 5,400 yen.

Surely there's a stamp collector among you that might find this interesting? I dunno. I can't say these are particularly exciting commemorative stamps – nowhere near as charming as, say, Mario's set. Bummer.

Source: JP Post

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mega Man-Inspired Super Mighty Power Man Kickstarter Launches

The Kickstarter campaign for Box Hedge Games' Super Mighty Power Man – a Mega Man-inspired 2D action platformer – has gone live. Box Hedge are asking for $58,362 to make it happen. The game is aiming to hit Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and PC, with stretch goals planned for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

Here's a small snippet of the campaign's overview:

Super Mighty Power Man is greatly inspired by the famous Mega Man game series as well as others including: Castlevania, Contra, Duck Tales, Kirby, Super Mario Bros. and more recent ones like VVVVVV, Retro City Rampage and Shovel Knight.

Besides being a true love letter to the NES legendary gaming era, it is above all a tribute to the renowned Blue Bomber and our passion for such games that has stayed with us since childhood.
Take control of Corey, a boy who accidentally finds himself caught in a most unexpected adventure to save the galaxy. Helped by a clumsy extraterrestrial robot named Robby, and armed with a mysterious device called ‘The Power Grasp’, Corey must defend the Earth from the spreading evil forces of General Mok. He will need to fight (and jump) his way through deadly environments, hordes of monsters, and other hazardous traps to free occupied planets from the tyranny of his enemy’s lieutenants.

‘The Power Grasp’ grants Corey superhuman powers, allowing him to merge with other lifeforms and become one of the many forms of Super Mighty Power Man!

Seems pretty cool! Check out the full campaign here.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mega Man 8 Animation Cels Are Now Up for Auction

Back in May, Mega Man fan Heidi Kemps nabbed a box of Mega Man 8 animation cels from Fanimecon swap meet. Starting today, you have a shot at taking them home.

Right now five four individual cels are up for auction on eBay. Heidi says this is only the first batch with more to come every few weeks. For now, though, here's what she has to offer:

If you've got the Zenny to burn, don't pass up this chance to own a piece (or two) of Mega Man history. I still can't get over the fact these were found in the first place! Good luck, everyone.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Mega Man & Rush Kiddie Car You Never Knew You Wanted

For the longest time we thought this Mega Man and Rush display was just that – a big 'ol display. A hunk of plastic. It turns out, though, there's more to it than meets the eye: its an interactive kiddie car.

This revelation comes to us via Popstore. The inside is hollowed out to allow two little drivers to steer and peddle. It talks and plays arranged classic series tunes. The eyes and the side of the helmet are little windows. The manufacturer date is unknown but the various Rockman Complete Works suggests it was produced somewhere around 1999 or shortly after.

We don't know how many of these things actually exist. One used to be at Plaza Capcom. Another, perhaps the very same, was recently found BEHEADED at a recycling center in Japan. That said, it's heartening to see one out in the open actually intact. If you could, would you rescue one?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Frank West Dons Bass Costume in Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package

The final batch of Frank West's "Capcom Heroes" costumes for Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package have been revealed. The grizzled war photographer will be dressing up as Jill Valentine, Viewtiful Joe, Arthur, Amatarasu, Morrigan and Bass. It is not a pretty sight.

Luna Platz is the Star of November's Rockman Unity Wallpaper

November is in full swing and the Rockman Unity mobile app has kicked things off with a brand-new mobile wallpaper. The spotlight shines on Star Force's "prez" Luna Platz.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Check Out Aki Li's Mega Man Mastermix Variant Cover (And Save 20% on Issue #1)

Focus Attack are offering an exclusive limited edition Mega Man Mastermix #1 variant with cover art by Aki Li. It's going for $24.95 but you can shave 20% with the code MASTERMIX at checkout (applies to all UDON books).

What's more, Focus Attack are holding a sweepstakes to win a PlayStation 4 and a copy of Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and Legacy Collection 2. Simply pre-order any of the Mastermix #1 variants from Focus Attack – that's it. The contest is open to U.S and international residents. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018.

Source: Focus Attack