Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mega Man Development Secrets Revealed in Old/New Interview

A 2011 Rockman Maniax interview between Mega Man creator Akira Kitamura and Hitoshi Ariga has been translated courtesy of Shmuplations. It's a delightful read brimming with untold Mega Man development secrets. Seriously! There's so much in here we've never heard before.

Here's my personal favorite bit:

Kitamura: In the beginning, I imagined a character like Mega Man equipped with some kind of weapon, but when you transformed, your whole appearance would change. You know that little protrusion on the top-front of Mega Man’s helmet? When you changed weapons, it was supposed to change like the Ninja Captor character’s helmets, and show a little symbol depending on the weapon’s element (fire, water, lightning, etc).

Ariga: Ah! So that was the idea behind the helmet design…!

Kitamura: Unfortunately, for various reasons, we weren’t going to be allowed to use those symbols like that. 1 But that design element was super important to me—it wasn’t really up for compromise. As I sat there fretting, Matsushita came over and said, “How about this?” What he showed me was the color change mechanic.

As you'll come to read, Ninja Captor (pictured above) is one of many specific Tokusatsu properties that influenced the original Mega Man design plan. Of course, there's a lot more history to it than that.

Other interesting tidbits dropped include Mega Man's ability to turn himself off (when he no longer feels needed), Cut Man as a protagonist, Mega Man's armor was almost white, Roll almost had curls, and oh-so much more. It's crazy, people.

Check out the full interview here and be enlightened!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mega Man Badges Coming to Nintendo Badge Arcade

Just in time for the launch of Mega Man Legacy Collection for Nintendo 3DS, a slew of Mega Man-themed badges are slated to hit Nintendo Badge Arcade later this month, Famitsu reports. Distribution will begin in Japan on Friday, February 26th.

For those not in the know, Badge Arcade is a "free-to-start" application which allows you to decorate your 3DS home menu with badges featuring Nintendo characters and iconography. To my knowledge, Mega Man represents the first 3rd party content offered from Badge Arcade. EDIT: No quite; that honor goes to Monster Hunter (another Capcom property).

Much like the Mega Man 3DS themes shown above (which come bundled with the Collector's Edition), I have no doubt we'll see these outside Japan eventually. We'll keep you posted!

Source: Famitsu

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mega Man X Nendoroid is Coming

By way of WonderFest 2016, Good Smile Company have announced plans for a Mega Man X Nendoroid figure. Information is spare at this time. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Good Smile Co.

Photos From the Rockman EXE 15th Anniversary Event

The Rockman EXE 15th anniversary celebration is currently underway at Asakusa Hanayashiki theme park. For everyone who can't be there in person (i.e most of us), our friends in Japan have been snapping up lots and lots of photos. Check 'em out!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rockman Sets Up Shop at Animate Japan

Leading up to the launch of Rockman Classics Collection, Capcom has partnered with select Animate shops for a special in-store promotion. Retails have created dedicated Rockman corner (har har har) featuring oodles of goods. It's an all-out invasion.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Rockman EXE Artist Teases Something for 15th Anniversary

It could be nothing, it could be something. Either way, Rockman EXE manga author and illustrator Ryo Takamisaki recently posted the above image on his promotional Twitter account. It's a teaser for something set to be shown in March (likely the 21st), just in time for Rockman EXE's 15th anniversary in Japan. Eagle-eyed fans will note the silhouettes of Rockman.EXE himself and Forte*.

That's all we have to go by for now. I'm wagering this is an anniversary-related one-shot, which seems like something Takamisaki would do. Then again, who can say. It's entirely up for speculation.

These next couple months are big for EXE. There's an anniversary event, new merchandise, and even a reprint of Rockman EXE Official Complete Works. It's an exciting (and hopeful) time to be an EXE/Battle Network fan. You'd be wise to keep your expectations in check, though.

Source: @Neuronetworking

(*fun observation: Forte's helmet fins are unusually angular for Takamisaki's typical style.)

Contest Time: Best of Mega Man 1-10 Mega Packs (Finished! Winners Chosen!)

We're teaming up with SpaceLab9 for our latest contest, in which we'll be giving away two deluxe Best of Mega Man 1-10 vinyl soundtracks. There's one Mega Man-colored variant and one Cut Man-colored variant with your name on it. Read on for the details!