Thursday, August 17, 2023

New Rockman Goods on Sale to Commemorate TGS 2023

With this year's Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, Capcom has confirmed their game lineup and online Showcase schedule. But that's not all – to celebrate the event, they will also be introducing a range of new merchandise available for purchase.

Find all the details after the break!

Tokyo Game Show will take place from September 21st through September 24th. Per tradition, Capcom will be selling new goods based on their most popular franchises. When it comes to Rockman, the following goods can be pre-ordered now via e-Capcom.

  • Rockman × USABURO KOKESHI for 5,500 Yen
  • Rockman EXE Mini Plush & Pouch for 2,420 Yen
  • Rockman × reversal Dot DRY MESH TEESH TEE for 5,500 Yen
  • Rockman × reversal Dot SWEATSHIRT for 8,800 Yen 
  • Rockman × reversal Dot SWEATPANTS for 8,800 Yen 
  • Rockman × reversal Dot DRY MICROFIBER TOWEL for 4,400 Yen

All these products are set to be ready for shipping on October 12th, except for the Kokeshi doll, which is scheduled for shipment in January 2024. If you're looking to add any of these items to your collection, your most reliable option would be to utilize a proxy service.

When it comes to the showcase, Capcom will bring news of their latest titles on September 21st at 7am PDT/10am EDT/16:00 CEST. The program will last around 50 minutes.

This year the main focus in the show floor will be be Resident Evil 4 VR Mode, Street Fighter 6, Exoprimal. Ace Attorney Trilogy, Monster Hunter Now and the Tokyo Marui x Resident Evil Shooting Range collab.

That's all for now. Keep those expectations in check!


  1. I have no expectations about anything related to megaman games whatsoever. The producer of the series just left capcom. We´re in the dark again.

    1. We've been in the dark even before that. Mega Man is an extremely niche franchise. It doesn't take more than an year to do a good and/or big mega man game. We're at 5 years with no MM games now.

    2. And the Pandemic stopped being an excuse after 6 months. It didn't stop any of their other works.

    3. Every title on the leaked 2020 calendar was delayed multiple times. Ace Attorney 7 is in development hell or cancelled, (although recent Ace Attorney collection alone was due in 2021, no less) RE4 switched developers, SF6 saw multiple staff reshuffling etc.

    4. All the canning or false release dates or just not making them is just more examples of the flakiness and unreliability of people in general. It is no surprise for promises to be broke, projects to get canned (capcom wasting man power and money just to can stuff), or leave us hanging. Sadly that unreliability plays out with people we encounter in real life too. So better to emphasize quality over quantity if one dares get too close to anyone, but even then, still have to deal with flakey companies with ulterior motives or false promises. Also when I here terms like 'leaked', I think rumor, nothing more. Everyone here has every right to complain, and I do it too to vent here once in a while.

  2. The tiny rockman plush is already sold out :((((

  3. They're alright I guess.

  4. The moment you see this text 'news of their latest titles', the writing is already on the wall.
    NO NEW titles, period! Just NEW UPDATES on ALREADY ANNOUNCED titles.
    Those who still are pining for new titles better get that into their thick skulls like right now.

  5. Really is sad Capcom won't give us a new mega man or X game ☹️☹️☹️

    1. I mean it could still happen...

    2. Sadly the LATEST news out of Capcom on 15th September proved you SO VERY WRONG yet again.
      Apart from the five already mentioned they added three more: Resident Evil:RE4 Ada Wong DLC (marketed as "Separate Ways"), Dragons Dogma II and Resident Evil: Village for M-Series SoC-powered Apple Devices.
      That's it, no Mega Man Announcements period.


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