Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Celebrate Summer with Rockman x Sukeroku the Hamster Collaboration Goods (and More!)

Summer brings a new Rockman collaboration with Japanese social media sensation Sukeroku the Hamster. Originally created by Gotte, this adorable hamster has been rising in popularity over the years with illustrations depicting his day to day life performing very human-like activities.

What's more? This August, Bandai is releasing Rockman 4-themed acrylic stands.

Find all the details after the break!

Starting August 5th, the "Rockman & Sukeroku's Daily Life" collab brings a huge variety of goods to Capcom stores across Japan. Clear Files, T-shirts, hand towels, pouches and coasters, among other things, will be available at physical stores in Tokyo, Osaka and Umeda. 

But starting today, the goods can be purchased online at Capcom's PARCO Online Store or won by playing the Capcom NetCatcher service.  You can view the entire collection of obtainable goods here.

For everyone living outside Japan, your best bet to obtain these cute products is through a proxy service. 

Bandai will be releasing a set of Rockman 4-themed acrylic stands through gashapon machines. Not much to say about this, each will cost 300 Yen. If you want to see all the 8 types up-close, check 'em out here.


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