Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Rockman X DiVE - The Event Before Valentine's Day

Ahead of the impending Valentine's Day event, we have a busy week of content. We've got a double dose of Command Mission, a new event, new Jakob levels, two new DiVE Triggers and much more! Check all the details after the break!

The banner with Absolute Zero and the S rank weapon Twin Fangs -- which is DiVE's version of the Doubletooth saber from Command Mission -- is already live through February 10 at 15:59 (UTC+8). Let's check out Absolute Zero's skills first!

Crimson End

Perform a forward dash while swinging both claws and damage all targets along the path by 133.33% and take no damage when the skill is active.

  • Show Time: When you use the skill, you will not suffer from negative status effects.
  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.
  • Restriction Off: When you hit a target, you can use Crimson End again, but this effect can only be triggered once more after 6 seconds.

Calamitous Arts

Damage all targets in range equal to 171.60% of your attack and cause them to become slow with 86.67% reduction in movement speed.     

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Absolute Zero: The duration of the Slow is increased by 1 second.
  • Cursed Scars: When you hit a target, leave a scar on all targets within range and damage them. This effect can only be triggered once more after 8 seconds.

Passive Skills

Damage Reduction Resistance: 40% chance to become immune to the effects of Damage Reduction; the same type of chance can be stacked.

Cursed Scars: When you hit a target with Crimson End, leave a scar on all targets within range and damage them. This effect can only be triggered once more after 4 seconds.

Rampage: When your HP is <25%, gain damage enhance status and a shield of invulnerability. This skill will only be activated once per stage.

Fury: When you hit an invulnerable target, gain damage enhance status, increase the damage you cause by 20%. However, this effect will not work on invulnerable targets that are immune to debuffs. This effect may also be triggered when you hit a target with Crimson End.

Scars of ruin: The damage registration of Cursed Scar is accelerated by 35%.

Together with Absolute Zero, a new event with his own stage and purchasable rewards is available until February 09 at 22:00 at (UTC+8): The Core Chip Recycling Campaign

By playing this event and completing some missions, you will get coupons that can later be spent in the store to buy Skip Dive Programs, Skill Points, Proficient Memory Cards, Zenny, Weapon/Chip EXP Programs and, most notably, two new DiVE Triggers:

  • Bounce Ball: Launch multiple Bounce Balls in all directions to cause 90% damage to all targets along their paths.
  • Flash Bomb: Inflict damage equal to 320% of attack to targets in range and create multiple orbs at your location to deal continuous damage to all targets in contact.

These are the characters and weapons that dealt extra damage for this event:

Damage Dealt +40%

  • Absolute Zero
  • Twin Fangs

Damage Dealt +20 %

  • Aile
  • Crushing Spray Gun

Damage Dealt +10 %

  • Axl
  • Triangle Gun

The stage is rather simple,. You will be tackling three rooms with a timer and the goal is to kill waves of enemies to make stronger enemies that carry hidden elements to appear at the bottom of the screen. You need 12 of these hidden elements to get one of the completion stars.

When it comes to missions, by finishing all the difficulties, you will get EM. By finishing all the difficulties with S rank, you will get coupons but the majority of them come from daily missions.

You have to finish the stage once/three times. If you have Absolute Zero and the Twin Fangs, you can get even more coupons by completing the stage using them. This stage don't use EP or has any online ranking. In other words, when you're done completing all the difficulties with S rank, the only thing you have to do is finish it three times per day.

The Spring of Good Spirit event continues. For the third week, the Spring Chest has changed once again. From today through February 10 at 15:59 at (UTC+8) you can purchase the Spring Chest of Good Fortune (Bass.EXE) using 30 lucky coupons or two Golden Lucky Coupons. 

When you open the chest, you have a 10% chance to get one of the following rewards:

  • Bass.EXE Memory x40
  • Turbo Cannon Memory x40
  • Proficient Memory Card x150,000
  • Universal Star Up Card III x1
  • Element Metal x3,000
  • Character Patch Program x1,500
  • Weapon Patch Program x3,000
  • Shock Absorber x225,000
  • Bass.EXE Memory x20
  • Turbo Cannon Memory x20

On top of the daily lucky coupon you get for login, the set of mission to get more coupons has changed too:

  • Correct 800 irregular data. ➔ Lucky Coupon x10
  • Complete an Event stage 32 times. ➔ Lucky Coupon x4
  • Complete a BOSS challenge 42 Times. ➔ Lucky Coupon x3
  • [Daily] Use "Pallette" and complete Story 1 time. ➔ Lucky Coupon x1
  • [Daily] Use "Vile" and complete Story 1 time.➔ Lucky Coupon x1

The event Clear the Jakob within the Time Limit is back with the usual missions that will give you various items to level up and rank up your cards, a card pack, some EM and the card Wire Sponge. The event ends on February 0at 22:00 (UTC+8).

New levels for the Jakob Orbital Elevator are available today. Levels 86 to 90 for normal, hard and challenge mode with a double fight against Chill Penguin and Bospider on level 90.

The Attack Type Hunter Capsule has been replace with the Balanced Type Hunter Capsule and will last until May 5 at 15:59 (UTC+8). You will be getting a free x1 draw everyday.

With this update we have a lot of new cards:
  • Crisis Countdown 16-Hour 
  • The Nightmare Virus 
  • Legacy for the New Generation 
  • Onward to Space… 
  • Spiral Blast Shot 
  • Aile 
  • Pandora 
  • Homing Plasma 

You can get some of them using arena and co-op tokens in the store and the rest is all about opening card packs.

And finally, the Summer Vacation Lord of Snowy Plain event has a new set of missions to complete. You will be asked to complete the event stage in all the difficulties available, plus other general missions like "Conduct Research 3 Times" or "[Daily] Accumulate 2500 Event Coupons". The rewards are the usual EM, boxes and event points.

We are approaching the Valentine's Day event soon. Let us know what you expect from it in the comments!


  1. I can't wait til I can find the apk for the update

  2. I don't think i can acumulate 2500 event point EVERYDAY. At low level, i can't really play the events stage on higher difficulty. 2 is my limit.
    I can still get a couple EM out of it, i guess.

    1. You actually can, especially now. First of all, even on lowest difficulty you get at least 2400 points if you don't waste EP and get all stage targets, even without bonus characters and weapons. If you can play at difficulty 2 or use some free bonus setup (like, Alia, Heavy Blaster etc), you already get enough points. Second, there are now two daily missions which give up to 1250 event points for clearing coop stages which count toward that "Accumulate 2500 Event Coupons" mission.

    2. I have probably be doing something completely wrong.
      Like anon1 I can play level two of chip recycling and summer vacation (with Aile) but it does'nt give me that much points.
      The 1250 points from the daily mission are rather easy to get, but i dunno about the rest. (Except if i'm suposed to replay the stage gosh know how many times, but i don't have the free time to try this).
      Also what do you mean waste EP?

    3. First of all, the mission to get 2500 event coupons within a day is related to summer penguin event, not chip recycling. All events use their own version of coupons so chip event is irrelevant in this case.

      Then about coupons for summer event. If you get all 3 stars (so, have enough HP at the end and within time limit) at difficulty 2, you get 180-190 points for one run. During a single day you get enough EP to do 16 runs so you can get at least 2900 points which alone covers the requested 2500 points.

      By not wasting EP I meant not leaving EP capped at 15, otherwise you limit yourself you many times you can play a stage (and get coupons, obviously). Also, unless you misspelled, Aile doesn't benefit in this event, Alia does.

  3. So, we can just assume at this point it's never coming to the US, right?

    1. It'll come to the US and then get shut down within two years like Magia Record. :')

    2. I guess it wilk depend on how well it does in the places it is already availiable. If it does come to the US or Europe, not sure how long it would last.

  4. Anyone else notice how much zero looks like Bass using treble boost?

  5. Anyone else notice how much zero looks like Bass using treble boost?


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