Friday, August 2, 2019

Kotobukiya Mega Man X "Max Armor" and "Hyper Armor" Now Available to Pre-Order

Not only is the Mega Man X3 Max Armor kit now available to pre-order globally from Big Bad Toystore, but it looks like the Hyper Armor kit has escaped the confines of being a "Kotobukiya Japan Store" exclusive, too. The armor, in all its golden glory, is available to pre-order from Big Bad Toystore too. Grab 'em here:

Mega Man X Max Armor – $69.99 (January 2020)

The kit includes "a range of parts including the X-Buster, interchangeable hand and face parts and a Z Saber". BBTS' description says the Milight 316 (lithium-ion battery with an LED attached) for use with the Z-Saber will be included. However, this might be a mistake. Kotobukiya have gone on record to say it will be sold seperately. So unless something has changed for the US version... I don't know. I'll reach out to BBTS for comment.

Mega Man X Hyper Armor (Limited Edtion) – $69.99 (January 2020)

Includes X-Buster, Z-Saber, interchangeable hand and face parts, and an exclusive Cross Charge Shot effect part. No mention of Milight 316, though. I guess it might not be included with the Hyper Armor?

If you're new to building Mega Man Kotobukiya model kits, you'll be pleased to know that these come pre-painted. However, much like Gunpla and other kits, additional painting, paneling and other forms of customization are encouraged. Be sure to grab yourself some nippers, too. You're gonna need them!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Protodude, that was an unexpected surprise to be able to get the gold edition!

  2. This makes me want to get back to modeling kit.
    Did a few in college days, but I don't like the lack of weight / hollow feel of the finished product.

    Is there a mod to give it more weight?

    1. If you want you can purchase pinecar weights and place them on the inside of the model in hollow spots. That's how I usually balance aircraft models. Placing them in X's feet would make him harder to tip over, although I'm not sure how he'll feel assembled honestly. Depends on how dense they layer the plastic on his assembly.

    2. Its hard to say without seeing the finished piece...
      You could always put putty or something like clay in the hollow bits inside the model.
      MAYBE hot glue or something like that.
      You want something that wont tint the plastic or melt it. I'd be worried about something with a reactive property to the plastic and ideally something you could wipe off if you smudge it, so maybe model putty is best.
      Weight in the wrong places are bad though... I would only do that in the legs and center mass if at all.
      There are small weights or magnets out there, but this all depends on the clearances available.

      Models of this type are usually always light. It's not a bad thing. I'd really just leave it alone...

    3. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will look into the options, or maybe learn to like it as is.

  3. i don't have the money to get both right now. i have to pick one.

    1. i'd say, go for the gold one in that case. the other one will probably be easier to find if you want to get it in the future.

  4. I'm getting the Hyper Max armor. i would repainted it in a more sparkling gold, but it's been years since i last painted anything, i don't want to mess it.

  5. So glad to see both of these easily GETable. I really hope this line goes strong and we get more and more armor and characters.

  6. I'm getting the two, too hard to resist! The two editions are fantastic and I'll can make the ultimate stand with the max shot buster. Seriously, I'm really excited with those news figures.


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