Thursday, April 4, 2019

Mega Man Mastermix #4 Now Available + Current Status of Mega Man X: Mega Mission

Originally slated for November 28th, 2018, the fourth issue of Mega Man Mastermix suffered many delays but has finally arrived in stores. Why such a big delay you may ask? Here's what Matt Moylan, Director of Publishing at UDON Entertainment, had to say:

"After four issues we were about a month and a half late in production (coloring). At that point it's, best to allow comic shops to cancel and reorder, so they can adjust accordingly if any customers lost interest. Resoliciting means another 4 months delay"

Those who had the issue in their hands noticed the last chapter was not colored by Josh Perez, this is what Matt had to say about it:

"The second colorist on Mastermix #4 was to help Josh get the final issue done on time. Josh continued Asteroid Blues, while Espen did Metal Heart."

When asked about the current status of the English translated version of one-shot Mega Man X: Mega Mission, originally slated to release on January 2019, this is what Matt told me:

"It's going to happen, we just won't rush it. It is translated."

So there you go. Mega Man X: Mega Mission is not cancelled or indefinitely delayed, they just need more time to finish the issue.

Thanks to MidniteW for the info regarding the second colorist on Mastermix #4 and also to Matt Moylan for kindly answer my questions.


  1. Can't be helped then. better they take their time to do it well, even if it mean waiting longer.
    A delayed content is eventually good, but a rushed content is forever bad.

  2. Hope we get Mastermix #5 in the future, Skull Man's chapter is one of the best!

  3. Its 2020 now, has it been released? I cant find anything about it since I saw this.


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