Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Mega Man Mastermix TPB Volume 2 "Asteroid Blues" Now Available to Pre-Order

Amazon has opened up pre-orders for the second Mega Man Mastermix trade paperback, "Asteroid Blues". Volume 2 collects Mega Man Mastermix issues #3 and issue #4 into a single book. It's expected to ship on September 10th for $19.99. Grab it here!

Don't forget; Mega Man Mastermix Volume 1: Robot Rebellion is coming soon, too! It's due on May 21st. If you haven't pre-ordered it yet, well, Amazon has you covered, too. Get it here!


  1. I can never understand why publishers will release single issues of comics/manga concurrently with TPBs. I can see if you're releasing trades well after the original run, but wouldn't the prospect of collecting single issues in a TPB cannibalize sales? Especially for something as niche as Mega Man?

    I mean, why am I going to rush out and buy the just-released issue #4 when I can just wait 6 months and get it in a more convenient format?

    Of course, theres always the prospect that the TPB run never actually finishes, similar with what happened with the Archie comics.

  2. Here's how I look at it: Buying singles issues is like drinking coffee (It shows people have their attention on the series and gets the run going), and buying trades is like driving with gasoline (it means people are still into the series and keeps the run going). There is the danger of series running out of steam, of course, but then what sense is there for publishers to wait for the trade publishing if there's no interest in the series to begin with. That is why even the short-lived Sonic Boom comic managed at least one trade despite why it was cut short.


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