Tuesday, May 23, 2017

First Look at Giga Armor Series - Super Rockman X

Behold! Super Rockman X! The inagural kit in Bandai's new Giga Armor series of models is looking sharp, designed by none other than Kanetake Ebikawa (perhaps best known for his mechanical design work on Gundam 00 and Full Metal Panic!). It's expected to hit retail later in October.

Pre-orders should go live in the relatively near future. We can expect additional images and information around then. Look forward to it!

Source: Tamashii


  1. It just needs a couple of GN Drives and then we're all solid.

    Ebikawa's work certainly shows on this. I wonder if it will be a Tamashii web exclusive or not.

  2. Dang, X kind of does look like a Gundam here. Maybe they should turn him into one for kicks. XD

  3. Kickass. Hope to see some more characters and armor variants. You should be able to mix and match pieces between different figures, and it'd be amazing to see vehicles in the product line as well as Maverick weapons.

  4. Looks like a Play Arts Kai figure.
    Personally, if I had control over the means of production, I wouldn't have my figures designed with so much excessive surface details. I'd focus on authenticity.
    For example, Japan makes a lot of detailed, highly articulated Batman figures, but they always choose the most contemporary and forgettable designs (The Dark Knight, Injustice, Batman v. Superman).

  5. I think this looks neat I really do, but I'm kind of on fatigue with X figures, We've just gotten way too much of him recently in a relatively short time period, and we'll be getting more eventually, We have the D-Arts X, The Truforce X, The 4-inch nel X, The NXEDGE X, The Giant series X, This X, the X that will eventually be revealed for Hasbro's Marvel vs Capcom infinite line, and a bunch of X statues including the one featured in the MvCi deluxe edition.

    I guess I just want companies to show interest in other MM series besides Classic & X or at least other characters from those series beyond Mega Man, at least Sentinel is giving me exactly what I asked for later this year.

  6. I like it, and I want one, but I have to nitpick some of the details need improvement.
    The hips need re-thinking and the center body is too lean.
    Something about the head feels off too.
    Still gonna get one (or 5 if history is any indication), though :)

  7. Please be on par to a 144 HG gundam model with price and size. 17~28 is a fair price for a detailed model

    1. It won't be, I don't even think they are model kits at this point anymore. Its a chogokin release so expect use of diecast and an fairly large price tag for a 6 inch figure.

  8. Sweeeet! :D I especially like the detailing in the translucent parts of his armour.


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