Saturday, March 4, 2017

More Images and Info on HMO's Mega Man X Statue

HMO Collectibles' officially-licensed 1/4 scale Mega Man X statue is coming along nicely. The piece is still a little ways off from distribution, but we've got some additional information to tide you over.

According to HMO's Dani Hinze, the statue will be limited to 200 pieces worldwide with a "super rare red version" on-the-burner, too. It stands 20-inches with the base, 15-inches without.  Interchangeable parts and light-effects are planned, which will certainly play into the final statue's price tag.

Lastly, it sounds like there's a Zero statue in the works. Better start saving up now!

Source: HMO Collectibles Insider


  1. Pretty sure that the Dash module goes in the boots but it looks cool. I do love the inner detail of the arm joint.

    1. "Pretty sure that the Dash module goes in the boots"

      That was the first thing that I thought when I saw the design. Don't most companies have branding people who are supposed to check and correct design issues like this in their licensed products? Not that it's *that* big of a deal, but I just find it odd.

    2. Well one could say that artist have their own take on character interpretations, such as this one and TruForce. Being that Rock Man X is a Japanese product, it's culturally considered respectful of outside-artist to add different aspects and interpretations of an an establish fiction, or in this case a character's design. This is due to that it is seen as helping the fiction to expand. Here in the west it is considered the opposite, such as inaccurate, or disrespectful.

      Another way one could go seeing it is X is a robot, so he could have his body modified in many ways.

    3. Now that I think about it. The back turbines might be not for dashing but for wall-climbing. If I'm not mistaken something similar shows up in the Rockman X manga.

  2. Kick ass. Although those back-mounted turbines look like a drastic exaggeration of the rocket boosters in the TruForce-designed figures, I love seeing people build on X's standard form. I probably won't buy it, I just don't think I'm that kind of fan anymore and I don't have the dosh yet, but maybe I'll change my mind later.


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