Thursday, March 23, 2017

22 Stellar Mega Man Star Force Facts with Super Effective and I

Mega March from Super Effective is on a roll with a heepin' batch of uncommon to little-known Mega Man Star Force facts. I had the chance to help out in this week's episode so check that out!


  1. I never knew that the StarForce manga had such in-depth story. I always saw it as a parody of sorts until the events of RnR3 where it looks 10x more edgy and serious... even though it as a one-shot.

  2. LOL, I'm sorry to be picky. "Rooouge?!" You guys apparently forgot the fact that he was named for his pink aura that gives a nice accent to his cheekbones, rather than for being a solitary, unpredictable, rogue-like character.

    I also loved how it's mentioned that Wood Ninja and Fire Saurian didn't get transformations, and then Tribe King art is shown instead of Fire Saurian.

    "Maybe these transformations, as well other Double Tribes would have had a chance to appear in the series."

    You mean, like the footage you have at 4:55 in this video of those never seen Double Tribes, taken from the final Tribe episode? Sure, it wasn't quite ideal, but you can't quite say they didn't appear.

    1. Yeah it's pronounced rogue like how it's spelled not rouge like how it's not, and your other point is quite relevant.... but what are you gonna do, IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

  3. Omega-Xis's neck is too long in that art. What is he, Claire from Tales of Rebirth? XD

  4. wow... that feel when you already knew all the facts listed in the video... (aside from the ones mentioned about the manga, but i blame the language barrier and lack of translation for that part)

    even so, i really appreciate a video like this being made for starforce - it's something that the series deserves, as it's often left out COMPLETELY from other megaman fact-related videos. kudos to you guys for making this, it was very well done! hopefully it will get more people interested in the series, or at least, giving it another shot.

  5. Wow i had forgotten how muc i love this series i knew nearly all of these minus one of the manga ones even though i had read the manga

  6. I like this series' universe I just wish aesthetically it did more to differentiate itself from the MMBN look if you know what I mean... That said the MMBN look isn't bad so still good.

    I also wish in terms of gameplay it was more robust and innovative.

  7. Hmm, where is the pile of PETs from the first game? The video only shows a pile of Dragon, Leo, and Pegasus Transers.

    And the two extra Tribe On forms (pirate and angel) were actually created for MMSF3. The staff planned to use Tribe On again before deciding on using Noise Change.

    And bow to King Fire Saurian! XD

    But I didn't knew about the reference of Luna's rabbit Wizard.

  8. Fact #1 reminds me Geo's reaction when he first saw Phantom in the Tribe anime. He ran so fast that he could probably outrace Quick Man, Turbo Man, and Nitro Man! XD


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