Tuesday, June 28, 2016

TruForce Reveals SDCC Exclusive "X-Boost" Figure

We finally have our first good look at TruForce's newest Mega Man X variant, dubbed "X-Boost."

Announced via Facebook:

TruForce Collectibles is proud to announce its first San Diego Comic Con Exclusive…X-Boost! This is the form where X’s armor has no limit and his true ability is unleashed. The boost energy from his buster and thrusters increase significantly, however it puts tremendous pressure on his body. Therefore, X-Boost can only maintain this form for 10 seconds.”

The figure stands at around 6 inches tall, features LED in the buster, diecast armor, multiple accessories, pink blast effect parts and a stand.

Those who backed us on Kickstarter will have an opportunity to purchase this figure as well online (similar to X-Kai) in the near future.
MSRP: $90
Available at booth #401

More images here.


  1. Dumb lore but cool figure. Glad they are letting me buy it! I was like "Exclusive? FFFFFFFFFF" then I read the blurb and felt better.

    1. Yeah, I liked the lore and look for X-Kai better. If I were to get any of these figures it'd be that one.

  2. I really want it... but I am undecided if I SHOULD get it at that price point, since I will keep it MIB.
    Probably will, though :P

  3. So... From the description... It's an inferior Ultimate Armor? 10 seconds is pretty short...though if it's more powerful than the Ultimate Armor it could be useful for a quick kill if X can swap armors at will at any time.

  4. Since they're giving me the option as a backer... I may actually pick this up.

  5. I love these figures. The only thing I wish is that the head jewel lit up like the buster. That would be boss.

  6. I hate this company. Difficult to work with and wont let anyone buy their figures. They are pretentious and everything they make has to be exclusive in some way.


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