Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rockman Classics Collection Physical Limited Edition Announced

Mega Man Legacy Collection is coming to Japan as Rockman Classics Collection on February 25th, 2016. Nintendo 3DS-savvy customers can pick up the game by itself or a spiffy limited edition with a few bonus godds.

Announced via the game's official site, the limited edition comes with the game, a 2016 notebook/planner, sticky note set and bookmarks. Pre-orders are live on E-Capcom for 9,709 yen (about $80 US).

Hold on, there's more! Both the limited bundle and standard edition will ship with download codes for two Rockman 3DS home menu themes. You can see what those look like here. E-Capcom buyers will also receive one of six cover inserts. You won't know which you'll get - it's entirely random.

It would be great if the North American 3DS release came with all this stuff. At the very least we gotta have that cover and themes!

We'll keep an ear to the ground.


  1. This has better not be Japan only.

  2. Are you reading this, Capcom of Europe? Easy money for the taking right here.

  3. $80? Seems pretty steep.

    I think I personally would have preferred something like what Shovel Knight is doing, which if I remember right is $25 for the physical copy of the game and the soundtrack. Cool for anyone interested in this sort of thing though.

  4. Hate to be negative, but the content is pretty poor, as a collector and for that price I expect better things.

  5. I don't need it...I don't need it...I definitely don't need it....I don't need it....I don't need it....I don't need it...I don't need it........


  6. so... that's like an extra $40 right? for a planner... bookmarks... sticky notes... some sort of insert... and a home theme...

    I hope the home theme is available for those who prefer digital copies...

    1. I think the physical is retailing for $30.

      If that's the case then it's an extra $50.

  7. I really like that boxart and the cover variants. I agree with everyone that says the price is super high.

  8. I wish they had something like this for PS4 AND NA.

  9. This shit shouldn't be costing a dollar more than $45.

    The fact that they selling this for $80-120 is downright hilariously criminal.

    And the fact that there's people HYPED for this, is even more hilariously pathetic than criminal.

    Physical version of the game is coming regardless, even though this game ain't WORTH SHIT because it's literally just a fucking fancy emulator with some slightly hacked up ROMs (all they did was remove the Nintendo copyright stuff), with input delays and bugs all over.
    People will literally be paying $40-80 more, for a notebook and some bookmarks. What is this fucking pussy-ass grade school?

    I can literally fire up Vistaprint and MAKE this shit, exact same stuff of what the final product will look like, for far cheaper.

    I know, people can do whatever they like with their money. But seriously, anyone hyped up for this has issues, or they've got way too much extra money to just blow around on garbage.

    1. Well maybe if enough people blow a bunch of money on stuff like this for a few more years Capcom will consider making a new game eventually possibly if they get around to it eventually.

    2. If that were the case, then we'd get some actual new fucking games from all the figurines and artbooks and bullshit we been buying for the past FIVE FUCKING YEARS!!!

    3. The game is $80 in Japan, where games get rereleased all the time. There's no way this is coming out anywhere else. It really isn't worth getting bent out of shape over.

    4. Apathy is the killer of this industry.

      The moment people "don't care" is the moment these companies win and get away with bullshit.

    5. Apathy from players can also really hurt franchises.

      If you handle a series the way Capcom has handled the Mega Man series in recent years, you risk driving away fans simply because they can't be bothered to keep an eye on what's been going on after so long.

      Smash was the biggest swing in attention for Mega Man in the past 5 years easily, but apparently we're going to have to wait until 2017 before Capcom really tries something significant with the series again, what with that planned cartoon.

      Seems like kind of a squandered opportunity to me.

  10. Meh, what could be interesting in something so simple like that?

    WHY is this Japan only (at least for now, I hope it is also done in America and Europe) and WHY Nintendo made the 3DS region locked??? ;_;

    1. You can region-free the system with Homebrew or a Gateway 3DS.

      And again, absolutely NOTHING in this Collector's Edition warrants it's price, whether it be in JP Yen or US Dollars.

      Last I checked, elementary level school supplies aren't fucking near $100.

    2. Don't forget that's the game's price, the rest being only a temporary bonus. For someone who still don't have the game (or wants a portable* or physical copy), it certainly is worth it.

      *Isn't this the first time MM1-6 are ported to a portable system?

    3. @Anon Technically, this is the first port of 1-6 on a portable system.


      MM 1-6 have been available on 3DS in the US as Virtual Console releases since 2013.
      Rockman Complete Works 1-6 have been available on the JP PSN since 2013. (This encompasses the PSP and VITA.)
      Rockman Complete Works 1-4 are available on the US PSN.

      And that only includes official releases.

      I personally feel that it's a travesty we didn't get CW 5 and 6 on PSN considering how much more content went into 4-6. As somebody else mentioned, the key differences between Legacy and the Complete Works titles is as follows:

      -Complete Works fixes slowdown and flickering. Legacy attempts to emulate the original NES/Famicom experience as much as possible.
      -Complete Works has mostly remixed soundtracks for 4 and 5, a completely redone soundtrack for 6, and an few themes from the arcade titles sprinkled throughout 1-5.
      -Complete Works 4-6 lets you play as a helmetless Rock.
      -Complete Works lets you utilize power ups (as in X 5-6, Xtreme 2) while playing the Navi and Mission modes.
      -Legacy has a nice art gallery for the games beyond what Complete Works offers, but apparently nothing mindblowing that you probably can't find in the artbooks.
      -Legacy has a MUCH more developed mission mode on par with 9 and 10. Complete Works 4-6's missions encompass simple speedruns and boss rushes.

      Part of me feels we essentially got NES Remix: Megaman Edition, with 1-6 as a bonus.


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