Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nendoroid Mega Man Revealed (Wonder Fest 2015)

Release date, price to be determined.  Watch this post for updates.

Source: Ramses Project


  1. So cute! He's probably going to be expensive, but worth it!

  2. Man, I want one! That said, I find it strange Mega Man got a nendoroid before he got a Pop figure.

  3. It IS like the Kidrobot but good!

    1. Nendoroids can get a little pricey depending on which one you get. For example, I've seen the Levi, Eren and Mikasa nendoroids cost up to 50 US dollars. I've seen the Wind Waker Link nendoroid cost somewhere around 35 US dollars. The Solid Snake nendoroids can go up to 55-60 US dollars, and that's not even factoring shipping.

  4. Cool looking, though the helmet looks a bit tall. Maybe it's the camera angle.
    Hope it's not too pricey. The Link and Mario Nendoroids go for more than the Figma/Figuarts versions. Which I think is illogical.

  5. Nendoroids are adorable. This makes me want to see a 3D action platformer for Mega Man in the style of Wind Waker.

  6. Here's a check! Write any amount and I'll pay for it!

    Just kidding. Looks so cool!


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