Saturday, June 21, 2014

Smash Bros. 3DS - Mega Man Smash Run Gameplay (w/ Direct Audio)

Although Smash Fest @ Best Buy is behind us, we're just now getting some Super Smash Bros. 3DS footage of Mega Man in action. Nintendo World Report brings us some exciting Smash Run gameplay, a platforming mode exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version. The audio is direct-feed, too, so you'll get to hear all of Mega Man's sound effects and theme music.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will be arriving on October 3rd, 2014.


  1. Smash should have used the 10x better MM3 opening screen theme. Don't even get me started on the most annoying over abused Wily Stage 2 them, god that theme could rot now. You'd think in a series with so much billions of good pieces of music they'd be able to find a little something different now and then. Nope same junk.

    1. MM2's theme music is Megaman's theme song, same as 1-1 is Mario's, Green Greens is Kirby's, and Hyrule Field is Legend of Zelda's.

      Wily Stage 1 is also one of the most beloved themes from one of the most beloved (Though somewhat overrated in my personal opinion.) Megaman games. They'd be crazy not to include them.

      Of course, you're crazy for assuming that Megaman's not going to get any more music. This is Smash Bros we're talking about! The soundtrack is one of the biggest parts since Brawl! They're gonna Rockman our socks off! So take a chill pill or something.

    2. Spot the Mega Man 2 hater...

    3. Anon: First off, I don't have enough of a no life to sit there and hate MM2, so whatever with that, but even if I did, that has absolutely nothing to do with my statement for these two tracks. So someone can't hate music (not saying that I even hate music from that game or these tracks either, they are just annoyingly over abused) from a game, but still appreciate everything else?

      Whenever someone states their opinion and some fanboy pops out of nowhere to something's defense just because he/she is insecure, there should be a phrase for that, to counter haters gonna hate. I'll call it riders gonna ride or a more PG fanboys gonna enforce.

      @Cyberguy64: Good point, it won't erk me so much if the music is more spread out and diverse with the final product. I did really like the Brawl soundtrack (even tho many tracks were just ports). I just hope they don't use other over abused tracks. Actually scratch that, MM2 Opening Screen and Wily Stage 2 are pretty much the only over abused pieces of music, even tho they are not even that good to begin with IMO, which is the case most of the time for me in these instances. I'd much rather have Dark Man or something more melodic be the over abused theme personally, but I'd in no way wish for others to have to suffer thro it over and over and over. That's why I like the way they handle Zero musically, yes he has an iconic theme but they don't abuse it, they use it on occasion which makes it more special.

      On your point about Zelda, Mario and Kirby, no offense to those series but they in no way have the same level of catchy, iconic, memorable tunes as Mega Man (and trust me I know I listen to them a lot). Even if they did, I'd still argue that those too should use different tunes every now and again to represent those characters. Don't even get me started on Hyrule Field and Mario 1-1. Mario especially, so much other iconic theme music they could use for that character.

      Enough of the same crap.

    4. " First off, I don't have enough of a no life to sit there and hate MM2[...]"

      Wait, what? You're saying that anyone who hates/dislikes Mega Man 2 has no life?

    5. But enough of a no-life to type four paragraphs about it and declare your opinion fact.

      "... no offense to those series but they in no way have the same level of catchy, iconic, memorable tunes as Mega Man (and trust me I know I listen to them a lot."

      So much 12-year-old in this sentence.

      "No offense to hamburgers, but they in no way have the same level of deliciousness as pizza (and trust me I know I eat them a lot)."

      Do you see how stupid you sound now? Jeez.

    6. Yeah so much no life to express my OPINIONS about current up to date topics. Not my fault your reading comprehension is low, and you think it takes any decent amount of effort to write a couple of paragraphs, some of which are composed of a whopping two sentences. GImme a break

      Also I meant in amount and scale. There is a very specific criteria to compose a melody, and for that to become an icon.

      So much fanboy in this commenter.

      "No offense to hamburgers, but they in no way have the same level of product manufacturing as pizza (and trust me I know I research them a lot)."

      You done looking foolish. Holy.

    7. Also I really can't compare the quality, and style of music, or anything now? Alright then, don't mind if I state Mega Man X7's quality is far superior in game design to any Zelda game to have ever been released. Also dung is super delicious and has some nutritional values, just like an apple. Oops, almost forgot "IN MY OPINION."

      I hope I don't still sound stupid for stating my opinion, and in no way specifically declared it to be fact.

    8. @Cyberguy64

      If you're talking about the Wii U version, yeah, expect a good amount of tunes(I wish Mega Man 7's Wily Castle 1 theme would be rearranged for once...). The 3DS, however, will be limited to two songs per stage. I'd expect that Spark Man remix we heard to be the 2nd song.

      Speaking of songs, anyone else NOT expect the famous victory theme to be used for Mega Man? Who'd have thought they'd have his theme song represented in the game twice!

    9. @Engine R2

      Wow, that is actually really sad. Megaman has a beloved victory theme, why not use it?

    10. @Cyberguy64: Actually Mega Man has many beloved victory themes, which one are you referring to?

      BTW I'm in agreement that I'd like to hear a different variety of tracks. If it were a jingle that extended to a completely different composition, like Final Fantasy's victory, or something like that, OK. Something like Hyrule Field again, barely arranged, no thanks.

  2. Mega Man looks great in it. It will be nice to have his own graphic games. Guess not.

  3. I really like the remastered original Smash Bros. Character Select theme at the end. :3

    What I don't like is the announcer's voice. Good lord could he sound any more unenthusiastic? I know it's the same fellow from Brawl, but where's Melee's? He was much better, but this guy here just isn't sounding as resounding and epic as he should be. Hopefully those are beta takes lol...

  4. I love that he has the MM7 Jump noise.

  5. Is it the alternative to subspace amyssary? is there any more single player stuff? What we will unlock?


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