Monday, June 30, 2014

New Mighty No. 9 Gameplay and Call Details

Comcept and Inti Creates have rolled out a new gameplay video for Mighty No. 9 that covers even more footage of Mighty No. 2 and Mighty No. 5's stages. You can check it out above.

Additionally, the developers have shared more details on the game's second playable character, Call. Unlike Beck, Call can't perform a crouching dash. Instead, she'll have access to a crawl manuver that enables players to navigate through tight areas such as ventilation shafts. You can view these animations here. While you're there, check out Call's new look. Inti Creates have gone back and fine-tuned some of the character's aesthetic details.

Source: Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter


  1. I'm hoping this is all still VERY early and rough. Because it looks tired as all hell.

    And that music. Ugh.

    1. Yeah I don't understand about the music, they have my dream team of musicians (outside of Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki, Hideki Okugawa, Shinji Hosoe and Takayuki Iwai) and it just sounds so, (I don't know how to put it) dry and regular.

      I've got to give this game a chance though, I learned my lesson the hard way from many things, to not judged an entire soundtrack based on trailer music.

  2. Getting somewhere. Still has a ways to go, but I'm liking what I see, aesthetic wise.

    Now give the gameplay some more polish. It definitely needs more work so it doesn't get old fast. At least give us more enemy variety.

  3. Hmmm.....maybe my major complaint would be the way he walks.


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