Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mega Man-athon 2 is Coming!

In another instance of gaming for a good cause, the generous folks of Half Empty E-Tank are gearing up for a big 72 hour Mega Man marathon, streaming live from Magfest. They are set to play through a whole bunch of Mega Man games while raising money for Child's Play charity. The stream kicks off January 2nd.

In the spirit of generosity, for as little as a one dollar donation, you could walk away with one of three big music bundles. Hit the jump below for more details.

Here are the different tiers:

Tier 1: $1
Mega Ran by Mega Ran
Get Equipped by The Megas
Underbelly Beats and Remixes by DJ Cutman
Mankind's Arrogance by The X-Hunters
Entertainment System 64 by Entertainment System

Tier 2: $10
Mega Ran 9 by Mega Ran
Game Chops Volume 1 by DJ Cutman
Game Chops Volume 2 by DJ Cutman
Blue Bomber/Gallant Green by Rare Candy
+ Tier 1

Tier 3: $20
History Repeating: Blue by The Megas
Fly on a Dog EP by The Megas
Lost Beats and Found Friends by DJ Cutman
Blur Bomber by Mega Ran
Rock N' Roll Cereal by Entertainment System
+ Tier 1 and 2

Additionally, whoever donates the most will receive a copy of the original Mega Man NES cartridge, autographed by Keiji Inafune. The top 10 contributors will walk away with a signed remastered poster of the American Mega Man 2 cover by Marc Ericksen, and the top 30 will get a Half Empty E-Tank sticker.

Though the actual stream doesn't begin until Jan. 2nd, donations are being accepted early. Check out the stream's official site here for details.


  1. Oh boy.. Not other one. Its nice but not interesting.

    1. a) that's a disrespectful thing to say about something doing something very good.
      b) stop commenting "not interesting." Just don't comment.

    2. Please dont tell me what to do. Its free speech and I can say whatever I want in a nice way. You are one who disrespectful to keep my mouth shut ? That's not nice. Thanks.

    3. That is the douchiest response I've ever seen.

  2. I wish I could go to MAGFest just to suck at Mega Man 3 in front of everybody. I mean, I'd be sucking for charity, so it'd be alright. Ya know?

    1. As a bit of an experiment based on the Mega Man-athon formula of (show as much of each game as possible within an hour to an hour-and-a-half), I played through Rockman 3 as quickly as I could. While I'm nowhere near the 38-minute world record, I think my time of an hour and 12 minutes is respectable to some degree. I would've done better had I not made a few silly mistakes here or there. It also didn't help that my luck with Holograph Rockman was so bad. That... and I kept trying to nuke him with Top Spin like a fool. (It's entirely possible, but requires extremely good timing, since you need to be damaged for it to work right.) Gamma also didn't feel like taking full damage from Top Spin, so that lead to me losing about 15 seconds, mostly due to my own confusion.

      Ah well. At least I can say I be it within the maximum time allowed!

  3. Anonymous #4,

    You are a hypocrite I've ever seen. You are a jerk, you know that ? People like you need to respect one another! PLEASE GROW UP!


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