Saturday, January 5, 2013

Get Equipped With the 25th Anniversary Lanyard

Shipping out sometime in February, this is the official 25th anniversary lanyard from the Capcom Store. It's a fancy neon green band decorated in iconic 8-bit Mega Man sprites. You'll also get a special 25th anniversary tag that you can flaunt to your friends and fellow fans!

So yeah. There it is.  Head on over to the Capcom Store and pre-order yours for $9.95.

Source: Capcom Unity


    Capcom, get in the game or stop trying.

  2. Wow...this look really "cheap".
    Really...couldn't Capcom make anything better than this?

  3. I sense a lot of sarcasm in this post, and even if you are sarcastic..i do not blame you.

  4. Only Classic? I was hoping for something involving all iterations >_>

    At the rate things are going, I want X, Volnutt, EXE, SF, ZX and even Zero to get their own 25th celebrations... this is ridiculous. Too much emphasis on Classic, not enough bracing the rest of the franchise' history.

  5. 10 bucks for a LANYARD?!
    Yeah, I'll pass.

  6. They're trying every way they can to find out where Megaman is marketable.

    Rather than using their heads, and realize that they need to make new games worthy of being marketable in the first place.

    Otherwise, they're going to keep churning out mass market products to a niche market.

    Do these guys even have any business background? Common sense?

  7. @kratzelf and 7 bucks shipping lulz happy bday mega man :D

  8. What a piece 'a garbage.

    Eh, maybe not garbage...but it's just a lanyard that practically no one will wear unless they work at a store that people wear them at, then maybe they'd use it. Or people who frequent cons and expos. Still, can't see the reasoning behind wasting the time and money making these when they could be putting it all towards something worthwhile.

    No, HyperSonicEXE. I don't think they have much common sense anymore, and the business aspect has engulfed them so much so that they don't know what to do with themselves.

  9. "...this is ridiculous. Too much emphasis on Classic, not enough bracing the rest of the franchise' history."

    That's because Megaman classic is turning 25, the other series still have a few years to go until they turn 25.

  10. Most ridiculous thing i have seen for Megaman, wth ! <___<

  11. It looks like something given out for free at a convention. Maybe if it were half as much and not colored snot green I might consider buying one.

  12. @Megamem: Doesn't matter that it's Classic that's turning 25. All other artwork for the 15th and 20th either had the current Megaman as the symbol(BN for 15, SF for 20), as well as artwork of all of the iterations standing together. Why should the 25th be any different? What Capcom is doing, and that mentality, is making no sense.

    If a fan of Megaman dislikes the Classic iteration, this anniversary so far is turning into a complete disappointment for them. It needs to celebrate all aspects.

  13. ...woo.

    Please don't tell me the bulk of the 25th anniversary celebrations will consist of overpriced tat.

    @Megamem: I thought previous anniversary celebrations included more than one series at a time (after there WAS more than one series, anyway)?

  14. A lanyard? Seriously? That is the best they could come up with as part of the super mega 25th anniversary merchandise that they have been "blessing" us with? And at that price, too? Wow! I didn't think they could get any stupider. >.>

    Get equipped with ridiculous, overpriced crap!

  15. here's a better idea, why doesnt capcom offer the d-arts megaman and megaman x figures in their online store instead of some lame lanyard?


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