Thursday, July 12, 2012

Epic-Scents Developing Capcom Fragrances

What do Mega Man and Proto Man smell like? Well, thanks to Epic-Scents, a fragrance company, we will wonder no more.

According to Market Watch, Capcom and Epic-Scents are teaming up to produce a series of scents based on Capcom characters. Mega Man and Proto Man fragrance packets will kick off the line:

"While the exact details of this project remain closely guarded, this exciting new product line will complement and add a new dimension to the selected franchise's characters. Each product designed by Epic-Scents includes a specially formulated fragrance that can be used in the development of personal care, household, and promotional products, as well as other fine fragrance. Expected launch date is Fall 2012, according to Jim Kavanaugh, Project Director."

Truly, the Capcom merchandise express knows no bounds.

I wonder what other Mega Man characters Epic-Scents will tackle? I think we could all go without catching a whiff of Dr. Wily. Now, Splash Woman might smell nice. A fragrance that smells like the beach, perhaps? Oh, the possibilities.

More details at the source.

Source: CinemaBlend


  1. where the games, capcom?


  2. My Mom's allergic to perfume (and I might not be able to handle it well, either). :(

    @Anon 1: One can only hope that all this merch is supposed to build up to a new game. (To anyone who wants to yell at Anon 1, keep in mind--this continued non-gaming use of a gaming franchise, with no game in sight, is both annoying and worrying)


    Anyways, at the matter at hand... I'm sorry this is the final straw for merchandise. This is getting ridiculous. My money will go elsewhere like dem models.

  4. You're on a beach. With Proto Man. The 'bot your robot could smell like!

  5. If their names are any indication, Rock will smell like Heroin or Cocaine and Blues will smell like cigarettes.

  6. Oh my god.

    I grant you that this isn't any more ridiculous than the Family Guy, TMNT, or any other licensed air fresheners one might see at Hastings, FYE, etc., but this is just sad.

  7. What the fuck why.

    This is almost as stupid as Rockman canned coffee. Or Mario shampoo.


  8. @RADIX

    People need to face the very real possibility that there are no games and will be no games.

    All Capcom's been saying is Mega Man is an "important brand", merchandise is still a brand so that might be all they mean.

    Does that mean you have to be happy about it? No of course not but I think the more people accept it as a distinct possibility the better off we'll all be. Just take it easy guys it's not the end of the world.

  9. Mega Man X7 perfume. Makes everything smell like a tire fire.

  10. @July 12, 2012 9:23 PM Anon: I don't think anyone's doubting that it's a real possibility; they just don't want to give up hope yet.

    If nothing else, if Capcom is unprofessionally stupid enough to claim that no one ever cared about MM or something equally as awful, then it'll be harder for people to agree with 'em.

    On-topic...I have to wonder what these'd smell like.

  11. @Radix

    What are the popular "red" and "blue" car scents? I could only imagine these being very generic.

  12. @RADIX

    Well Mega Man's "Cool Rush" which could be anything but Proto Man being "Apple Cinnamon" leaves little to the imagination.

    @July 12, 2012 9:29 PM Anon

    That was actually pretty funny.

  13. D'oh, didn't notice the "Apple Cinnamon" bit.

  14. This is a quite an... interesting idea. It certainly is unique. I'd get them just to see what they smell like, and maybe freshen my car or room with them. lol!

  15. LOLWUT.jpeg

    But seriously, who at CAPCOM comes up with this stuff?

    Who is the intended audience?
    Kids? Teens? Adults? Men? Women? Mechanics? Mad Scientists?

  16. I get this funny feeling Mega Man is going to smell like blueberries and Proto Man either cinnamon or strawberries. Which is fine.

    ... unless they go the "Jelly Belly" route and actually make them smell like robots. Which would be infinitely amusing. XD

  17. mmmmmmmm, smells like cancelled games

  18. I actually kinda like the obscure merch X'D Reminds me about that post regarding those Megaman balloons a year or two ago....

    Anyways on topic. I kinda like the design of the Megaman one. Would like to have one... If I had a car.

  19. Fantasy Empress RolinaJuly 13, 2012 at 8:37 AM

    ...Air fresheners? This is a joke, right guys?



  20. Lets get some Napalm Man up in here.

  21. I want to know what Dr. Wily smells like.

    ...Goddamn, I sound like a creeper.

  22. These things look pretty awesome.

    I also wonder what Dr Wily smells like lol

  23. These things look pretty awesome to me.

    I also wonder what Wily smells like lolfitsyme

  24. These things look pretty awesome

    I also wonder what Dr Wily smells like lol


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