Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Shooting Star Rockman, Rockman Zero Official Complete Works Reprints Announced (Japan)

To commemorate Rockman's 30th anniversary, HMV Japan announced they will be exclusively reprinting Shooting Star Rockman Official Complete Works and Rockman Zero Official Complete Works. Both art books are slated to ship in December for 2,916 yen a piece.

The contents of the books will be exactly the same as prior editions, but this is a great opportunity to snag 'em up at a decent price. HMV Japan ships internationally, too. You might want to look into this while you can.

Now if only we can get those UDON English editions back...


  1. That's nice but MMBN is the one being sold at insane resale prices right now, especially the English version.

  2. I made a terrible mistake some years ago when I found an unopened Battle Network Complete Works at a local comic book store, and didn't buy it up right there and then. Was gone the next time I visited.

  3. you know this reminded me that i have a few copies of these just for collection purposes. I bought to open and ejoy the art work i got 2 more just to have in my mega man stuff collection this is really nice to get another chance to get more of these will be getting 2


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