Sunday, November 19, 2017

8-Bit Mega Man Funko Pops Headed to GameStop on Black Friday

Love 'em or hate 'em, Funko's Pop vinyls are here to stay (for now). So it should come as no surprise we'll be seeing more Mega Man Pops – and soon at that.

According to a leaked GameStop Black Friday ad clipping and photo, the 2017 Funko Mystery Box will play host to "8-Bit Mega Man" and "8-Bit Magnet 'Missle' Mega Man" Pops (yes, they misspelled missile). There's no guarantee you'll get those two Pops in one go, mind you. The mystery box is, as the name implies, entirely blind. You get what you get. Of course if you REALLY want these things you could always hit up eBay after Black Friday.

Thanks for the tip, Julian!


  1. I feel like of the characters shown only Mega Man is really associated with 8-bit. The rest are weird choices.

  2. Compared to the original brand of Funko, that 8-bit Mega Man actually looks kind of more like the Ruby Spears Mega Man than the one from the NES games.

    Not to say that's good or bad, just something I found amusing.

  3. Don't understand all the hate Funko gets. I know the style is kinda weird, but as a brand it occupies a pretty clear place in the market. Not every figure needs to be a meticulous import that you have to worry about getting in a display case. As a result of that Funkos are perfect for that cheaper desk accessory.

    My main complaint with them has just been the overabundance of Mega Man re-skins they do. And while the full size ones are ok, the Dorbz are adorable. I'd love to see additions to that line, like Dr. Light, Roll, Eddie, Auto, and some robot masters.

    1. don't know about the hate, but personally it's just not really my thing. all good if other people enjoy it.
      (Now i still have a mini-rush figure from them. it is pretty cute.)


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