Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gigantic Mega Man X Figure Revealed at WonderFest

At this weekend's Wonder Festival in Japan, X-Plus toys unveiled a prototype Mega Man X figure. It stands at 40cm or roughly 15 inches (two inches taller than the upcoming classic Mega Man figure).

X is scheduled to release this May. Stay tuned for more details and images!

Source: X-Plus Toys daiginjo


  1. Now this would of been WAY BETTER if it was in scale. Yeah I know it'll be way big and more expensive, but hey its in scale with Megaman, seems worth it to me.

  2. Something is off in this one, I like the classic Rockman better.

    1. I'm reserving judgement until it's painted, the classic figure looked odd unpainted too but the finished product looks good...

    2. Agreed. If they have the same artistic eye for painting on this one, consider it purchased.

  3. If the Classic figure is anything to go by the X one should be pretty accurate looks wise .... I can already feel my wallet emptying...

  4. My poor wallet. =( All these great figures and stuff... it's almost on life support.


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