Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episodes 41-44 Now Streaming on Cartoon Network

A small batch of brand-new Mega Man: Fully Charged episodes are live on Cartoon Network's website and app. Episode titles and descriptions below:

Episode 41: It's Chemistry, Man

Chemistry Man lays siege to Silicon Central when he discovers that his replacement, Miss CHO, has been presented with a teaching award.
Episode 42: Flower Power 
Mega Man must battle Wood Man for the fate of the Corpse Flower, a rare and noxious bloom that's stinking up all of Silicon City.
Episode 43: Enemy of My Enemy 
When a grudge match between Fire Man and Namagem threatens to level Silicon City, Mega Man must intervene and ultimately choose a side to prevent collateral damage.
Episode 44: Old School
Mega Man must stop Chaotique from making Silicon Central disappear, as in literally erasing the school at a subatomic level, while learning life lessons from a rambling old-bot named Hal.
As usual, you'll need credentials from your cable provider to watch. If you don't mind a little wait, though, these episodes are expected to air over the next few weeks on Cartoon Network. See airdates/times at the link below.

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