Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rockman X Prototype Hits eBay

If you'd like to own a little slice of Mega Man history, you may have a chance on eBay right now. A prototype for Rockman X has appeared on the auction block and, as noted by SNES Central, it could be the same one that appeared on D4's website some years ago. In other words, we could be looking at an early development build.

Nothing is confirmed just yet, however. I am communicating with the seller to verify just how early we're talking about. In the meantime you can scope it out for yourself right here. With six days left to bid, the price is going to skyrocket.

Thanks to Keiji Dragon for the tip.


  1. I'm still hoping for a proto that includes the fabled "white city." After the Rockman 7 prototype was discovered, I think anything's possible.

  2. It could be... "white city" rockman x?

  3. I hope so and to get a rom from this too. :D

  4. Hey guys, Skaarg here. I released the X6 proto years ago, and I will be releasing the ROM for the MM3 (GB) sample cart that was on ebay recently soon, but I got tied up with work/degree stuff.

    I am very interested in getting this cart, but it''s really going to depend on where it goes dollar-wise. I have a trip coming up in May I need to have money set aside for so I might miss out on it unfortunately.

  5. somebody know what hapend with this proto?


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