Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TruForce's Mega Man X Has Been Successfully Funded

Congratulations to all those who backed the ambitious project of TruForce Collectibles. The Mega Man X figure is officially a-go! As of this writing, the campaign sits at a mighty $205,903.

Slackers need not worry; though successfully funded, there's still time to become a backer and acquire some sweet rewards! Simply hit up the Kickstarter here and snuggle up with one of many reward tier options. As a reminder, you can get the figure from the $80 and up tiers. $180+ nabs you the figure and the Kickstarter-exclusive test type variant. You'll find all the details you need in the link above.

A final congrats to the team -- job well done!


  1. People can't say fans don't support the merch for the Mega Man series that's for true.

    1. Fans can even support a game, if you see the example set by Mighty Number 9.

      The whole Legends3 fiasco was BS on Capcom's part, if they even gave the demo a chance, I guarante lots of people would've payed to pay even that.

    2. A spiritual successor, a board game, and now these figures. Not to mention it was a fan game Capcom used for "their" anniversary celebration, fan demand was cited by Sakurai as at least one reason why Mega Man was added in Smash, and of course all of the other fan works like other games, art, music, etc.

      Fans are carrying this franchise as well as they possibly can.

  2. Congratulations TruForce Mega Man.. You will rock soon

  3. Just to clarify, you don't have to get both figures for $180 if all you want is the Kickstarter variant figure. There is a tier that just gives you the variant for $100.

  4. Megaman community is awesome, i never thought it could be possible to get the 200 000$ for 1 figure, anyways, excellent ;)

  5. Come back from an interview to check up on it, ended an hour ago. :( Profound sadness.


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