Friday, August 10, 2018

More Pachislot Rockman Ability Images, Cutscene

When it rains, it pours, guys. New images and a brief cutscene from Rockman Ability – the upcoming, Japanese-exclusive pachislot game – have appeared online courtesy of entaraina. Check 'em out after the jump below!

 First up, the cutscene. Roll and Trancy find themselves surrounded by a gang of Sniper Joe-like robots:
Rock and Roll strike a pose:
 Replay Man:
Coin Woman and Dr. Right (Dr. Light):

Blues and Dr. Wily:

Replay Man, Choice Man, Reversi Man, Lever Man, Coin Woman, and Blues:
Roll beside a Ride Chaser:

Here's a really nice pic of Rock confronting Dr. Wily. This is from mar_87V. The dialog reads:

Dr. Wily: "What the-? How on earth did you get your hands on that!?"

Rock:  "Too bad for you, Wily - you're never getting this bonus!"

Pachislot Rockman Ability is on track to hit Japan later this September. You can find past coverage below:


  1. Is all Japanese gambling this shiny and loud?

    1. To be honest, this isn't that much more shiny or loud than what I've seen on my trips to Vegas. I never spent more than $20 each trip gambling because it's such a waste of money...but I would've been way more likely to spend if I'd run into something story-based like this. (even if the "story" ends up just being rudimentary little scenes like this)

    2. Yeah, all those machines are super loud. I had one once, no way to turn it down too lol, I had to open it up and disconnect all the speakers. It was too much for sure

    3. Actually after watching the clip this one is pretty quiet compared to most lol

  2. I can't not see Blues's torso as being a Pokeball...

  3. Dr.Wily looks like a pimp, lol.

  4. These character designs are pretty impressive I have to say. I'm not a huge fan of Dr. Light being female in this, but overall, beautiful.

  5. Capcom walks into Konami headquarters: "Hold my beer."

  6. Replay Man? Seriously ? He looks like a Penguin man to me. I like this boss and he is cool however Replay Man sounds weird to me since his appearance is obviously a Penguin Man to me.

  7. This is really dumb. That's all I have to say.

  8. Now these are designs that would look great in the Sentinel 4 Inch line


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