Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rockman & Forte Manga Reprint Due in Early 2016

Hot on the heels of the Rockman 8 reprints, Koji Izuki's Rockman & Forte adaptation will return to Japanese bookstores in January, 2016. A single volume, 402-page reprint is currently in the works, which is said to include all nine chapters from its original 1998-1999 Comic Bom Bom run. The book will also contain never-before-seen tribute artwork from Hitoshi Ariga.

Pre-orders are currently available through Fukkan and Rakuten for 2,268 yen ($18.46). Customers who pre-order through Fukkan will be eligible to win exclusive artwork autographed by Izuki via lottery.

As it stands, an official English localization is not in the cards. Maybe UDON will pick it up one of these days...


  1. Any news on what Udon is doing these days? Haven't heard of anything from them. Would like some Megaman stuff but I'm concerned they've given it up past Megamix and Gigamix...

  2. We need to start a campaign to let UDON know there is demand for these manga that never made it here. If they're not planning on localizing them it's because they've made the business decision it's not worth it, and unfortunately we only have ourselves to blame for that.

    1. Not sure, i would say is because people from USA look at megamanxRoll as taboo because they think they are siblings despite we are talking about Robots that dont even look alike and were created as partner robots to help Dr Light with house keeping and lab assitants

      I have seen scans from megaman and Bass manga and there is a lot megamanxroll, and there are many pics that would be impossible to be considered platonic love, specially the one with megaman telling something to roll that makes her happy and blushes while putting her hands on her cheeks, then both hold each other hand while jumping happily while we see a sun with a shape like heart descending

      I am not kidding, here

      This also goes for megaman 8 manga where Roll buys an expensive fancy valentine gift for megaman(no doubt cause the name Rock or Rockman is mentioned in all her conversations and in the precise moments and that evil robot that wants to destroy her gift also mentions him), and according to japanese traditions, fancy and expensive valentine gifts are meant only for the one and truly loved(boyfirend, husband,the one girls have a crush, etc) and the inexpensive not so fancy giri(normally come in bags with strings) is for anyone the girls dont hold romantic feelings for


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