Monday, July 11, 2011

Embargo Lifts For Mega Man Tribute Entries (Updated)

With the San Diego Comic-Con kicking off next week, UDON has lifted the Mega Man Tribute embargo, allowing artists to freely show off their work publicly. More than a dozen or so select entries were released at UDON's official DeviantArt page to mark the occasion.

Artists included in Mega Man Tribute have reportedly received the following e-mail from UDON just a few short hours ago:

"TIME TO POST YOUR ARTWORK! With Mega Man Tribute premiering next week at the San Diego Comic-Con, it’s time for everyone to post up your artwork on your personal blogs, websites and deviantart galleries."

Depending upon the discretion of the artist, you might be able to catch even more entries before the book releases. That's not to say everyone who made the cut will follow through, but it gives them free reign to do so. No strings attached.

Should you choose to publicly release your winning piece online, please drop us a link! We'd love to check out what you've got. UPDATE: Click here to check out a piece by DejitaruDavis -- laundry day! Keep checking DeviantArt for more entires!

Thanks for the tip, Ben


  1. Wow that first picture is AWESOME

  2. Wait, so we'll probably get all the art for free?

  3. OMG!! The third one is just a mindblowing picture! X-yeah!!

    (listening powerman 5000 or Rob Zombie while looking at that pic...)

  4. Why are all these sample pieces so pudgy? What's up with all the lumpy, itchy looking art?

  5. I'm sure there are all kinds of cool works in there, but since they kept my favorite series out, not interested.

  6. "Why are all these sample pieces so pudgy? What's up with all the lumpy, itchy looking art?"

    It's called style.
    There are plenty of official arts if you prefer that.


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