Thursday, July 7, 2011

Because Everyone Else Is Doing It...

I've avoided posting this for a few hours now, but seeing that it's all the rage around the web, I figured I'd join the masses.

Here's the deal: Capcom removed Rockman DASH 3 from CoJ's front page. While the game's respective websites remain functional, the title is no longer showcased front and center. Mega Man Universe met a similar fate: the title was removed from Capcom Japan's website, and a few days later, it was officially cancelled. 

The fear that's currently setting the fandom ablaze is that this is a sign -- the supposed "first nail in the coffin" that will lead to DASH 3's cancellation. Normally, something so minor would not be a cause for concern, but the situation is all too familiar with Universe's death, and that's where fears are rooted.

Before you get overly panicked, consider the following: Look at Capcom Japan's front page, look at the titles on display.  These are games due for release within the confines of 2011 and early 2012. Rockman DASH 3's release date was never set in stone.  What has happened, I believe, is a rational release window for DASH 3 was established internally that's beyond the scope of the company's planned 2011/early 2012 lineup. As a consequence, Capcom was left very little reason to continue promoting the game on the front page.  Why upfront advertise a game that might not launch for a year at best?  There's more immediate titles coming out that deserve that spot. It's a matter of prioritizing based on release dates.

In short, you've got to be reasonable: given what we know about the game's development, there is no way DASH 3 will be on shelves by this fall or early 2012.  Capcom has nothing to gain (at this time) from promoting the title on the front page; its release is simply too far off.

There's more to be said that suggests everything is hunky-dory.  For instance, all websites associated under DASH 3, both in Japan and elsewhere, remain active and online.  There is no evidence to suggest the devrooms or official pages will cease operations any time soon, whereas everything Universe-related was pulled immediately.  What's more, unlike Universe, we've had consistent DASH 3 updates on a regular basis.  Universe was under an information blackout for over SIX months before it was cancelled.  It was BLATANT something was wrong.  DASH 3, however, has been shown to be alive via numerous events, contests, and postings from the game's staff. Sure, devroom posts pertaining to the actual game are growing few and far between, but I don't look at that as a bad thing.

Yes, Prototype was delayed, yes the game wasn't at E3.  Does that necessarily mean something horrible is happening?  Not at all.  Maybe this "silence" is due to the fact that the devteam is hard at work on finalizing Prototype Version for public release.  Recall, the game was delayed because they wanted to solidify the final product's quality.  For all we know, they're putting those finishing touches on right now. Reason for lack of real DASH 3 updates on the devroom?  They've got their hands full!  The devteam is seemingly relying on Kinako in the meantime to provide us with small, fun updates to keep fans both entertained and assured things are progressing.

That's my two cents. In any case, I've reached out to Capcom and a close source for comment.  We should, hopefully, have the official word soon. I realize this is a frustrating situation for some of you.  We've poured a lot into ensuring the game would be successful, let alone come to fruition.  To see it crumble before us would be utterly heartbreaking. Despite that, you can't give up ship just yet.

Our negativity contributed to Universe's cancellation; our positivity will ensure a future for DASH 3. YOU are a major factor to DASH 3's success. If you want this game to happen, you've got to continue to show a genuine interest in it. Support the game and the devroom through whatever means possible... and most importantly, stay positive!

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.


  1. I hope it doesn't come to that. They've made lots of progress. In a way, killing this off pretty much kills of the franchise.
    What about Comic-Con? If the franchise is coming to a close, it should go out with many great games.

  2. Jesus Christ, after this what's next for Mega Man? This is the only Mega Man project currently public. Knowing Capcom they'll probably reboot the series and make it all kinds of Twilight-esque grimdark. *coughcoughDMCcough*

    God damn this company is making me hate it so much.

  3. To be fair Universe's website was still around for awhile after it's cancellation, the continued existence of the Dash 3 website is not proof by itself that everything is ok.

  4. @Anon:

    Yes, it's still around, but it's completely bare. Everything is gone.

  5. My body is ready

  6. I agree with your reasoning Protodude and think that everyone else is panicking about this for no rational reason. Universe wasn't canceled because it was moved off Capcom Japan's Top Menu.

    The Devblog's still getting development posts, and they just finished a content submission contests this week. Continued existence and current activity are separate things.

  7. Right away, you can tell by these 4 comments above that no one WANTS to be positive. The want it to fail to have something to complain about.
    I, on the other hand, will hope for the best that maybe, on top of Protodude's thoughts, that mayhaps a final logo or title has been decided and are waiting to unveil it.

  8. Pointing out that you might be a bit too optimistic about things is now flat out WANTING the game to fail OZkai?

    Good lord man pull your head out of your ass I want this game just as much as the rest of you, I just doubt Capcom is serious about really doing it.

  9. I don't think this one will be canceled. Not only has the Megaman fan community been really loud about wanting it, the video game community at large has been looking forward to it as well.

    There was a big spread on it in Nintendo Power. It's getting a lot of love.

  10. "Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best"

    Either way, my body is ready.


    After +10 years of Capcom ditching the mainstream Jump-N-Shoot gameplay aside in favor of milking a Pokemon-esque RPG series (I'm sorry BN fans, but "collect, trade, battle" are main characteristics of both Pokemon and Battle Network. It may have a completely different battle system, but the main Pokemon principles are there), half-assing new entries to the Main Timeline that had nothing interesting in it (aside from eye candy, some gameworld improvements and fan service characters), and quietly returning to it for some quick cash-in (and because the GridRPG games got milked to dead. And we just saw the coffins in a previous blog post BTW) as if it was completely unpopular and old and not important and and boring to the new generation of gamers (to the point of actually stating Rockman is not popular in the US), you'd be as negative as an electron can get.

    This is why Protodude just posted that massive pep talk. Not only to clear things off and showing us what he thinks, but to remind us that being negative leads to bad things, so we can't give up our hope.

    This thing isn't over until the fat lady sings.

    Keep your chin up, guys. Let's just wait and see. This could also mean they have extended L3's development time for a special reason, like a Legends anime in the works or a console port.

    BTW, no offense to any other series fandom out there. There's no MM game I don't like.


    Except for 2GB :3

  11. if it's gone, then good riddance. I never cared about the DASH series.


    lol seriously guys calm down
    Save the RAGE for when and IF it does get canned ;p

  13. I noticed it before Bright Bats Mascot. I dont bother much since the devroom still updating and the events also lunch and ended with final selection, everything went smoothly until now = =.

  14. I did buy a 3DS in anticipation of the demo coming out (and then ultimately the main game itself), so if this doesn't happen, I will be mighty pissed. I mean, there's always Kingdom Hearts to look forward to (as well as regular DS games that my emulator just can't muster), but still...geez.

  15. Originally I did not want to buy a 3DS at launch or even close to launch, but Legends 3 announcement got me to pull together the money and be there at midnight. I'm really pulling for this game, and I do feel the fact that the prototype version was delayed shows the main game has been delayed too. With E3 come and past it there are many Capcom games coming up before Legends 3. I'm sure Capcom just wants to advertise what's now and in the near future instead of what's still a ways off. I'm ready for Trigger to come home!

  16. Come on guys.
    Turn that frown up-side-down!

  17. @Rockman:

    Haha! You've made my night with that picture! Seriously!

  18. Anybody having trouble getting on the Devroom forums? The buttons don't even show up for me...

  19. It's an error that happens sometimes. here:

  20. Now I'm worried. If something's happening, then I fear Megaman Legends 3 will join the fate of Megaman Universe. I tried to be positive, but when I look at the article, I become to be sadly negative.



  22. MusashiAA makes a very valid point here. Capcom tried to make MM a cash cow, and the attempt, of course, backfired HARD. People got burned out, things weren't as good as they could (and should) have been. This was most glaring over the last four years of that era...

    SF and ZX had some serious problems with them. SF really needed to have more development time, since it just plain wasn't that good, especially coming off of the heels of the very refined EXE6. It was one giant leap back for the timeline, but they just had to keep that release schedule. It took one meh game and one disaster of a game before they finally figured it out - what they should have done instead was to spend more time on it.

    ZX, though I love the game to hell, has some pretty glaring flaws. Some models, for instance, are so situational they're next to useless outside of those situations. There were big balance problems (Hx tornado, anyone?), and the story could have been told much better. ZXA committed a big sin in the eyes of many by not playing as the title character. Even worse, the pseudoroids were even more situational than the models from the previous game, making one flaw even worse than before.

    There are things the devs could have and should have done if they'd just spent more time on it, but instead it turned into a cash grab. It ultimately ended with ZXA and OSS flopping hard.

    However... the slower schedule isn't what's freaking people out - that's a good thing. The information blackout, on the other hand... That's what worries people. People are happy as long as they're informed. So your games are going to have stronger focus? Good. Spend more time, make it better. Just let us know what's going on, don't leave us in the dark.

  23. The fanbase is the only ones who can make Legends 3 happen. So to all those bitching about Legends 3 is doomed and gonna get canned and crap, listen to what I have to fricking say. Show some interest in Legends 3. At least the fanbase in Capcom Unity is showing its support for Legends 3, so you guys at Protodude
    s blog should too. So get your act together and help the MegaMan fanbase make Legends 3 a reality, ok? :3

  24. Since all the MegaMan games (or games that were expected to include MM in them, but didn't) that I actually cared about got canceled, I could give less than a rat's ass about MegaMan Legends 3 biting the dust.

    A MM Legends game is hardly sufficient cause for me to buy an otherwise redundant Nintendo 3DS any way.

  25. "However... the slower schedule isn't what's freaking people out - that's a good thing. The information blackout, on the other hand... That's what worries people. People are happy as long as they're informed. So your games are going to have stronger focus? Good. Spend more time, make it better. Just let us know what's going on, don't leave us in the dark."

    Exactly this.

  26. To those wondering about the DevRoom forums, they work for me.

  27. Professor Megaman, ever the poster child for the worst kind of Mega Man "fan" out there. Keep on trolling!

  28. OK, retracting my previous statement, the Devroom forums are still there, and most definitely alive.

  29. Professor MegamanJuly 8, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    @ Hey, Paulsen...

    Go suck a Search Snake.

    You don't see me drawing Megaman X Yaoi, so I'm hardly the worst kind of MM fan there is.

    You think I'm a lousy fan because I don't get all giddy when Capcom takes a dump in a box and writes "MegaMan" on it?

    Sorry. But I need to know that a MegaMan product is worth it's namesake for me to indulge it.

    Trying to keep the franchise standards from sinking to Sonic the Hedgehog-like depths makes me one of the best MM fans.

    A nugget of wisdom: He who cries "troll" can't handle dissenting opinions.

  30. I completely agree with Professor Megaman. there is currently nothing legends has to offer me as a gamer. for now i will pass on this, especially since I'm not going to waste my money on a 3DS.

  31. Actually, the Sonic fandom gets as much complaints as the MM fandom. It's gotten to the point where I cannot tell the difference between the two anymore sometimes. <_<

    I think what Ash Paulsen was saying is that you complain about every single little thing in regards to MM. Seriously, all I ever see is a complaint when you post here.

    And sure, everyone complains. But sometimes people can also find things, no matter how small they are, to at least be appreciative a little bit of. I'm pretty sure that's what Ash meant.

    The opinions everyone has of what makes a 'best MM fan' is laughable. There is NO best fan, in my opinion.

  32. Ah, the smell of self-centrism in the afternoon. Glad to see that in the face of the entire franchise facing indefnite hibernation, hardly anyone has changed.

    Go dump on Legends 3 all you want. I certainly don't care much for it either. I still wouldn't want it to be cancelled, though.

    I swear, some here act as if hatred of another Rockman game and/or wishing for it to be cancelled is supposed to be some kind of pre-requisite for development of a Rockman game that the self-centered do want.

  33. @Professor Megaman -

    Continuing to troll, I see. You talking to me about dissenting opinions is a laugh and a half. If you'd paid attention to my previous comments here, you'd know that I'm all about dissenting opinions.

    You're not a dissenter. You're a hater, a narcissist who wishes suffering on other fans so you can get what you, and only you, want. Anyone intelligent can see through your crap and notice that nearly all you ever post are negative and flamebaiting comments. Consciously and respectfully dissenting is very different from being an out-and-out hater who only spreads negativity and values his own opinions.

    That's you, by the way.

    If you can't understand my explanation, maybe try reading what Dr. Jerk said. He's saying pretty much exactly the same thing I am.

  34. I love how people hate on the game... You do realise you're continuing to shake Capcom's faith right? RPG Megaman is essentially dead by their own hand and already some classic/x fans hated it as well as shitty SF sales, 2D megaman also received alot of hate over ZX mishaps and Universe. Legends, the one series that doesn't fit either category, that the diehards have been waiting for, the one that could reestablish Capcom's faith in the brand overall, is receiving hate now. Tell me, what the hell do you want, because you aren't giving Capcom many options other than maybe collections and 8-bit megaman which I will guarantee people will start screaming cashcow if they make 11 8-bit.

    The fact Tron and Volnutt have spots in the VS series shows Capcom respects them. So shut up and stop ruining Capcom's opinion of America's relation with Megaman. Cus you keep ruining it with every damn comment without realising it.

  35. "My favorite series is better than your favorite series."

    "Seriously, you all suck and should die because you're making Capcom hate MM"

    We need a freaking forum or a register-only comment moderation or something. Most of these anon troll guys are just creating a bad image towards the fandom.

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  37. @Rockman is all I can really say.

    Also, I'm sorry, But I kinda gave up hope on finding comments that are /somewhat/ smart after I saw Musashi's post. To be exact, How BN is the same as Pokemon just in the 'collecting' aspect, along with how it has a 'completely different battle system' but still the same. I could go all out and prove that what he said is completely wrong, But that'd be inciting a troll war. And as much as I love to fuck around with people, That's not what I want to do.

    But anyways, I'm confused. Was the game officially canceled, or no?

  38. @iliekmudkips

    It hasn't been cancelled at all. It was just removed from CoJ's front page "coming soon" listing.

    Also, I think I made it clear they're comparable, yet not exactly the same. I KNOW Battle Network is more than just that. But the aspect of collection and sharing was just a half-assed way to make a game easily profitable.

    In Pokemon, you battle and catch little critters, you collect little critters, you trade them with your friends, and battle your critters against your friend's critters.

    In BN, you battle for chips, you collect chips, you trade them with your friends, and battle with your friends.

    What differentiates them is their individual takes on macro and micro gameplay, their individual stories, characters, art style and music composition style...pretty much everything, except for the collecting part. Hell, you can even say BN isn't so much about the collection and trading of chips, but more about what the game itself has to offer in terms of single player experience.

    Even if the term "Pokemon Network Series" is wrong when used to describe THE WHOLE SERIES, it is right when pointing out only ONE of it's features, and Capcom's reasoning behind using such idea.

    So, who caused the shitstorm this time? Me? Sorry. Sorry for all these little blockheads that can't understand and think for their own and just spit what they heard from a random guy who happened to have a reasonable opinion compatible with their irrational hate.

  39. To all those complaining and whining... Grow up!

    Your negativity is gonna get Legends 3 canceled like it did with MegaMan Universe.

    Ya know what? It sounds to me that a lot of you wanted Legends 3 to get canceled. Didn't Protodude's Prep Talk mean anything to you? We are fans of MegaMan and we are important in its success.

    What pisses me off in this blog is the imaturity and negativty of the commentors who say either, MegaMan is dying, it's the fanbases' fault and all that crap. Seriously, you people save for a few more mature ones need to grow up and start helping out with Legends 3.

    And no... I'm not trolling, I'm pointing out the facts. I know that MegaMan is not dying, it's just on haitus due to Legends 3. And I think Capcom has a good reason for MegaMan Universe being canceled, it was because of the hate and negativity Universe was getting. Hell, even Protodude and I were so excited for that game, but due to lots of negativity, it got canned!

    I'm starting to think all of you especially ones I can't tolerate don't want Legends 3 to happened! I think Protodude and a few more mature people want Legends 3. And I think that is why MegaMan is unpopular in the USA because of the new generation, not the old generation!

    I did some reason on MMZ Collection and turns out it reached 190,481 in sales worldwide according to Gamerrivew. I liked that game and it was really popular since you get to play all 4 Zero games in one game card with Mods cards. The USA didn't get Mod cards during the era of GBA, so that will count as new features for Zero fans that didn't have the Mods Cards during the era of GBA.

    Aside from that, you people really need to grow up and help Legends 3. This is what pisses me off about the blog, the negativity and imaturity of commentors save for a few more mature ones who are helping out with Legends 3...

    I may get trolled for this, but I feel that deep down in all of you that I'm right about what I said.

  40. @HeroManX

    Your bitching about our bitching is still bitching.

    Don't peptalk us with your bitching. That never works.

    Learn to argue.

    Anyways, let's just pretend this (the news) means nothing, and if L3 gets canned or something, let's pretend we knew it was gonna happen, not care, and move on.

    If it doesn't, well, you know what to do: bitch and complain about the information blackout :3

  41. @Musashi

    See? This is what I'm talking about. Lots of negativity you emited, MusashiAAA. I'm not bitching, asshat, I'm just stating the facts.

  42. Somebody gets extreme heat of the argument... someone! Stop this madness! Too much negative comments!

  43. @HeroManX

    com·plain (km-pln)
    intr.v. com·plained, com·plain·ing, com·plains
    1. To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.

    OPINION: We must stop complaining.

    OPINION: Complaining about this recent event will get L3 cancelled.

    OPINION: Capcom canned MMU because of the public AND the community's complaints and negative response.

    FACT: Mega Man fans have been complaning ever since MM1.

    FACT: Mega Man fans have never stop complaining.

    FACT: Those who don't want L3 to get canned aren't complaining about L3 itself, but about the current lack of information.

    FACT: Those who don't care about L3 are rightfully stating their opinions.

    FACT: Everyone is complaining about Capcom's current business strategy with the Rockman franchise, but not about the Rockman franchise.

    FACT: L3 hasn't been cancelled.

    FACT: L3 has been getting a positive response from most places.

    FACT: There's still reason to think about both the worst scenario.

    FACT: You just called me a name, which proves you need to demoralize my image and my argument to make yours right.


  44. @Musashi:

    Ha, further proof that it's not just me who finds HeroManX's way of shoving opinions down people's throat to be annoying.

    Oh wait, watch out, man. He's gonna call you an alt account of me because you don't share the same opinion as him.

  45. @HeroManX

    Get off your high horse and stop trolling dawg

  46. Protodude, I read your Twitter a moment ago, shouldn't you update this news?

  47. Considering it... but the official site itself is a bit behind in news in general. It might have been something overlooked on behalf of Capcom.

  48. Okay, we're doomed. Megaman Legends 3 is coming to an end.


  49. @MusashiAAA

    Oh... I'm really sorry about that. I thought you wanted L3 to be canned.

    I don't know what came over me. It's just the negativty in this blog that pisses me off. I will not call you an alternate account. Don't fall for Amir's lies.

    Also, sorry for calling you a name. Just stress of Legends 3's status is driving me insane. *Sweat drops*

  50. I've given up hope on Capcom with the the MM series.

  51. Holly molly this is not so happening!
    Megaman is going down no no no! *Aw yes* wow accounts for sale


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