Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Mega Man Tees Arrive Just In Time For Spring

Word has it numerous pop culture-centric retailers are stocking two new Mega Man t-shirts this season, each themed after Mega Man 10. They look a little something like this:

Leftmost shirt is interesting; it was once an event exclusive item, given away at past E3s, Comic-con and MM10's launch event at Nintendo World last year. It has since become something of a collector's item, usually going for a pretty penny on Ebay and the like. Thankfully, this one is a lot cheaper! The other shirt continues the tradition of sprite-based apparel with the usual cheeky one-liner. Nothing too fancy, but it'll keep you cool when the heat begins to kick it up.

Where to buy? According to a couple readers, both shirts were recently spotted in-store at Hot Topic and Spencer's. When it comes to online retailers, it looks like MyTeeSpot's got your back, both available for $19.99 USD.

Thanks to Jeni and RockX for the tip!


  1. Oh of course, always Hot Topic... another store without chains in Canada... not like Canadian ones would stock such neat stuff in them anyway...

  2. ...ugh, hot topic...

  3. Aww... no Mega Man 9 shirts? :(

  4. Why is it when they make these shirts they feel the need to add some stupid little phrase. I dont need it to say "Made in the 80's" or "8-bit masterpiece". Why not just a shirt with the sprites on them.

  5. oh god. Even if I never plan on buying MM10.. there's so much want here.

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