Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mega Man 3, 4, 5 and 6 Played With The Same Controller Input

In the video below, Baxter & AngerFist demonstrate just how similar the later Mega Man NES games are by playing each with the EXACT same controller input. In other words, it depicts how the four games can be played succesfuly using one set of button inputs.

(The clips aren't precisely synced up, so watch closely.)


If you thought that was amazing, then you don't want to miss this one: all six NES Mega Man games played with one input!

[via TASVideos]


  1. Well, I must be out of the loop with this sort of thing because it simply looks to me like 4 different games, 4 different screens, simple. Same control input as in, one controller is controlling all for games at the same time? That can't be can it?

  2. Are these guys saying that they used the EXACT same controller input to play Rockman 3, 4, 5, and 6 and that it worked and synchronized (for all practical purposes) the gameplay right down to the tee? If that's true, then it's quite amazing.

    I thought they were just saying they managed to synchronize the gameplay itself doing a TAS run for those 4 games, which in and of itself was amazing!

  3. Amazing!
    Reminds me of the X1+X2 run.

  4. This is off topic protodude but I thought you should know according to playasia's pre-order page for OSS the game will have wifi.

  5. I haven't watched it yet (blocked at work), but it appears to be just like the X1+X2 video... Basically, a guy playing 4 games at once with the exact same controller controlling all 4. Someone did a similar feat with X1 and X2, and it was amazing some of the tricks he did.

  6. My brain is now melting.

    Didn't look real to me. Even if the videos were synchronized, I don't think I'd believe it.

  7. One, that wasn't by FractalFusion, that was by Baxter & AngerFist. (It even says so on the page you linked to!) Two, this is kind of old. And three, though it was rejected, AngerFist made a run through the first SIX games with one input:

  8. Meh, I was never crazy of anything related to TAS. I don't think from what I see at least that theres one controller running all 4 games at once. And if there is, its heavily altered, you can even see in MM5 or one of them he rapid fires 3 shots, such that they are nearly touching(can only be done with some type of turbo) yet the other 3 screens show regular fire?

  9. How is this the same controller input, on one screen MM runs to the right, on another he runs to the right.

  10. ^
    The clips aren't sync but if you look closely, they are.

  11. Don't believe it either, pay attention to when he switch weapons. If he truely using the same controller input, then when you hit Start/Select, it should pause and bring up the weapon select screen for ALL four games. However, his video shows him switching weapons one game at a time, and didn't affect any other games that's still playing. Unless he somehow assigned a unique weapon select button to each game, then I don't think he can pull that one off.

  12. It's important to know these were played frame-by-frame, using and abusing every programming nuance in the games' code to do all the things you see on screen (like going to the weapon select screen in one game but not the others, etc.)

    Basically, they used lag to their advantage. Sometimes, when there's lag, a keypress won't register. By managing lag in each individual game with perfect precision you can do that thing I described above with the start button. But that's just scratching the surface.

    You can easily use the slide to have Mega Man move in opposing directions in different games, since it's just Down+A.

    All the tricks are thoroughly explained in the submission page at

    Also, this was done using an emulator with re-recording capabilities (it means you can undo mistakes with ease while recording) and frame advance (so you can play frame by frame).


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