Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Arcade Oddity

Behold, the MegaMan Redemption Game! So-uh what is it?

MMR is described as an arcade cabinet in which players are challenged to match three pictures to form one and win prizes. Oooo!

After doing some research, MMR is licensed by Capcom, but the machine itself is not manufactured by Capcom.

In detail, a redemption game is a challenge in which players must complete a tas;, in this case, line up three distorted MegaMan characters to form the "whole" character. By successfully doing so, players are either given a ticket that can be used to obtain prizes from the arcade that you're playing it in, or the more recent redemption games come with the prizes built in.

Prizes range from candy to little plastic toys, but judging by the picture, it appears MM stickers are the reward.

The pictured machine was from an ebay auction months ago, and if I recall, it ended up going for $300 something.

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