Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Punch Card System Might Remain In MMSF2

We've become accustom to Capcom of America removing various features from localized version of EXE games, but this might change with the US release of Ryuusei no Rockman 2.

According to Capcom representative, s-kill; CoA is hard at work creating a way to bring the unique "Punch Card System" stateside.

S-kill also informed me that talks of US exclusive cards were in the works as well.

For the uninformed, the purchasable Punch Cards are laid on top of the DS touch screen, and are tapped in certain areas that will reward you with various in game goods. (Cards, Stat ups, events, etc.)

Kudos to Capcom! You have regained some respect points.

Capcom BBS


  1. Don't try to tell me otherwise if I say that I'm remaining very skeptical about this. Especially the ADDITION of cards.

    I know this could be a pipe dream, but I wish these extra cards to be some kind of manifestation of the KingGrandeur/RaMu event cards. Either that, or something on par with before-mentioned cards.

  2. US exclusive cards? This is...

    A. Heresy
    B. Awesome
    C. Sparta
    D. All of the above

  3. D MegaMatt and its Algebraic!


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