Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beast Link Gate With English EXE 6

As the title says, here is a fun little "fix it" to enable use of the Japanese only "Beast Link Gate" to be used on english versions of EXE 6.

Thanks to the efforts of devoted hackers, can finally experience this unique and innovative mode of play! But, it's no easy task.

You'll need a few doodads to aid you on this quest:

-A GameBoy Advance
- A copy of either version of Battle Network 6
- The Beast Link Gate itself (either version)
- CodeBreaker for GBA (good luck finding this one!)

Be warned, what you are about to attempt might permanently corrupt your game! Don't yell at me if you screw up!

Now, Once you've gathered the goods, enter in this code into your CB:

3203ce21 0003
32035292 00F0
74000130 01FB
3203F558 000B
74000130 02FB
3203F558 000C

Boot up your game and hit "Select+L" to activate the BLG.

If done correctly, your PET icon in the top left should have a mugshot of either GBeast Rockman or FBeast Rockman.

Now, simply connect your BLG, enter a battle and shazam!

Hope you got some Link EX Chips, without those, the BLG experience isn't much fun.

Be warned though, certain certain Link EX Chips don't work and will freeze your game! Navi "summoning" Chips, Japanese exclusives and Navi Data do not work.

Having personally tested this method out, I must warn you that there is a slight chance your Equipped Folder will get screwed up, meaning chips from your Folder will be switched out to your Pack.

This method does have it's ups and downs, but hey it's fun to play around with!

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