Monday, February 25, 2013

The SpeedGamers to Take on Mega Man Once Again

Next Friday, March 8, The SpeedGamers will kick-off another three-day Mega Man marathon for charity. In an effort to raise as much money possible for the Rocking-H-Ranch, they'll be running through as many Mega Man games as they can for 72 hours straight.

Rocking-H-Ranch will split the donated funds to four different charities: Backpacks for Kids, Paws for Reflection Ranch, Tara Sawyer Foundation, and Trent’s Retreat Nonprofit Foundation. It's gaming with a cause so donate what you can, folks. And hey, there's prize incentives involved! Who can say no to that?

Yours truly will be hosting the stream right here. So if you don't visit the blog on Fridays, well, now you've got a reason to. For more information on TheSpeedGamers, check out their official website here.


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