Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rockman ZX: The Animation That Almost Was

Trivia: Did you know Capcom had actually planed a ZX animated adaption?

Remember this?

According to various ZX staff*, This “animated promo” on the Rockman ZX Special DVD (handed out as a pre order item) was actually used for not only promoting the game but also served as a pilot for a planned animated version of ZX. *(Interview with said information is long gone, formerly hosted at Dengeki Online.)

So, how did the project fall flat on it's face? Three potential reasons:

-Networks showed no interest.

-Capcom realized that they couldn't afford to fund two animated productions at the same time; funding Ryuusei no Rockman TV adaption at the time.

-No “free” time slots available at the time. Obtaining free space on Japanese television networks is no easy task, companies have to have enough funds to back up a time slot and obtain sponsors.

Whatever the reason, it's very nice to know that Capcom felt ZX was worthy enough to have an animated version, although I personally would prefer an X series or an Original series adaption...


  1. Wow, that dissapoints me to no end. Ugh... *facepalms* Must move on now... bitterness... OVERTAKING... UUUGGGHHH!!! X( This could've been so much cooler than stupid RYUUSEI! The fricken BIG FOUR!? IN ANIMATED FREAKIN FORM?!!! Gphhabbllhaaaaa....

  2. So... they couldn't set it aside and write scripts at lunch or something until Ryuusei died off?

  3. The intro was so cool it's a shame that they canceled it. Oh well, at least we will still have the intro... ROCK ON forever!!!

  4. It's 2015 and this still looks cool.

  5. 2018 here! We still don't have a good mega man x anime but we are getting an awful looking cartoon that looks like pjmasks. At least we have mega man games for another two years I guess.


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